Saturday, July 28, 2007

Hey bloggers, sorry for my absence. I've tried a thousand times to sit and write something here, but couldn't manage it, don't know why.
Firstly, I would like to send out all my love to Suesjoy, and wish her a speedy recovery, she is a lovely women that I had the fortune to meet in LA last year whilst attending one of Rachel's B&N gig's. So get well soon Sue.
On a completely different note, far less important, I really miss ITA, and when I found out from Rachel that the show was ending, back at the begining of June, I was very upset, I thought it was my fault, but these things happen and I must move on.
My newest song GREENHOUSE is complete, and I hope to record it soon.
I have a gig on the 1st August in Clapham, please check out my myspace for detail's, or the ITA site. There are a few things in the pipe line and I shall do my best to keep you informed.
My life has been very busy lately, Rene and I have bought a new house, and I am renovating our flat at the moment. I am not a builder but have grown up surrounded by them, my father can do absolutely everything, my brother is a great carpenter and all round clever fella, uncle's were electricians, friends are brick layers and so on. I come from a working class family, so it was hard for them to understand my career choice of artist and writer. Although, having my family and friends has helped a great deal.
All is fine in my world, sorry again for the slack blogging, I'm constantly checking my pages, but have felt quite remote, I hope you can understand. Hope to see some of you guy's at the gig, and I'm sure I'll feel the rest of you, thank's for all your support. Once again, my heart goes out to Sue, brave girl, be strong.
Hope all you bloggers are ok, take care.


Blogger CrazyCharly said...

Hey Mikey!
Great to see that you are back in blogland!!! As my dad told me that Rachel want to stop ITA I was very upset too! :-(
The next 10 days I'm with my mum and my brother in Mallorca.
How big is your new house? Can you tell something about it? Maybe can you post a photo?
Love, Charly

Saturday, July 28, 2007  
Blogger JoeBoy said...

Glad to see all is well. Roll with the changes and ride the waves.

Saturday, July 28, 2007  
Blogger Ray said...

Hey Mikey! Great to hear from you, good luck on your new home, I know what your going through, I am also from a working class family and when I decided to become a sound engineer my family didnt understand at first. I wont be able to make your gig but im sure it will be great, I am also excited to hear some of your new songs! Tell Rene I said Hello

Saturday, July 28, 2007  
Blogger Cathy with a C said...


Best of luck with your show this week! Stopped by to say good luck and was pleased to see a post from you.

I hope to see you perform again in the future, but won't be able to attend this show. Make sure you keep us up to date on when and where you'll be playing. I was really glad to meet you and spend some time with you at the different Attic and Who shows in the States. Still have the photo of us - someone asked me the other day about it.

Moving into and getting your new home ready sounds exciting for you and Rene. If you can't do the work yourself, it's always good to know who can do it!

Cathy xox

Sunday, July 29, 2007  
Blogger Dan L. said...

Good to see you at the blog again, Mikey.

Stick around.

See ya,

--Dan L.

Sunday, July 29, 2007  
Blogger elena said...

Hola Mikey!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Have a great and wonderful day!!
Glad to hear that you and Rene have a new house. You seem to be very busy.
Enjoy your next gig, I wish you Good Luck and I wish I could be there. Post photos, please!!


Sunday, July 29, 2007  
Blogger lryicsgrl said...


Big hugs to you, and best wishes for a brilliant gig!!

How could ITA ending be your fault???
You are such a good soul, Mikey....but a bit silly. I actually think you that without you, ITA wouldn't have been such a "Cult" hit. ....everyone of you involved was integral part of the show. You were the EVERYMAN, and that helped to make it so special; everyone could see themselves, in you (well except that you have more talent than most of us) Rachel was a clever girl to include you! Yes, Pete was the draw, naturally. But the chemistry between you and Rachel made ITA so much fun to watch!!!

I did speak with Sue earlier today; she loves hearing from all her fellow bloggers...she is a truly positive person. Sue is all heart and genuine....I just KNOW she will make it thru this ordeal with flying colors!!! But, just in case, I am glad that so many folks are praying for her, and sending their positive means so much!

Good luck and have a brilliant show on the 1st!

Best to you, always


Sunday, July 29, 2007  
Blogger Suesjoy said...

Oh Mikey!
You are such a dear, sweet, beautiful soul. Thank you so much for your support and kind words.
We are ALL gutted about the end of ITA. IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT my dear!

Happy Birthday- is today your bday?
Me, you and Rachel are all Leos! cool.

All the best with your gig. I am so happy to see that you are out playing. You were wonderful at Hotel/Cafe. What a treat that was for me. I will hang onto those memories as I get through my hospital stay.

Enjoy the renovations- I am sure it's stressful but it will be therapeutic too I am sure.

Take care my dear, and thanks again .
Lots of love,

Monday, July 30, 2007  
Blogger Gary said...

Happy Birthday Mikey!

Enjoy the new house.

Monday, July 30, 2007  
Blogger Sabrina said...

Happy Birthday, Mikey, I forget which date exactly, but celebrate!

Change is not always easy. We seem to have a lot of it lately. You and Rene have a new house? hurrah!

Wish I could be in the audience for your gig this week. I will be, in my imagination!
My son was in a car crash last night, but is fine (can't say that for the car). Today we're both counting blessings. Tomorrow we fly east to Vermont for a week. I'll be fishing most of the time, I think!


Monday, July 30, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Mikey! I am looking forward to hearing your new single. Sorry I have not been in blogland too much, either. Lots going on in life. Sending you a great big shout and lots of love & hugs! Same to Rene! Congrats on your new place. :-)


Wednesday, August 01, 2007  
Blogger bookworm said...

Hi Mikey,

I'm late with my comment this time. Ha, ha, no free time, because the kids are in holidays and I'm busy.

I will wish you a fantastic concert tonight. I'm sorry it's so far away from me and I can't come. Cross my fingers to a sold out venue.

Have a lot of fun.

Love and peace

Wednesday, August 01, 2007  
Blogger Ahvarahn said...

You know Mikey, things move on and things change. You were part of that whirlwind of great internet innovation and inanity In The Attic (and Jam spinoffs) so don’t forget it. There’s no blaming or fault on In The Attic. Have a great gig tonight. Glad to see you getting out there.


Wednesday, August 01, 2007  
Blogger Tink said...

Very nice to read a post, Mikey. Hey, if it was your birthday ... hope it was a happy one, doing the things you love to do! Sweet man for the caring about Suesjoy. Isn't she a beatiful woman??!! Yes!

HOpe the gig tonight was a joy for you. Some day I will see you live, and I am so happy that Greenhouse is going to recording. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!

Agree with you and the others, have to move on and watch for other blessings being created.

Best always,
xo Tink

Thursday, August 02, 2007  
Blogger Elaine said...

How did the gig go? Wish I could have been there to give my support. A belated Happy Birthday to you as well.

Thursday, August 02, 2007  
Blogger elena said...


Did you enjoy the gig???? I hope you did. Let us know!!


Thursday, August 02, 2007  
Blogger Kara said...

Hope the gig went well, I'm sure you were great.

Take Care,

Friday, August 03, 2007  
Blogger Mark T said...

Hi Mikey,

The gig was great and it was good to see you again. I've posted a photo on my Blog. I will get another couple up when I work out how to turn them in Blogger.

Hope you liked the Plasticine track Gary and I did.

All the best,


Friday, August 03, 2007  
Blogger Cathy with a C said...


Hope the gig went well. Sounds like it did based on Mark's comment. Wish I could have come over to see you play. We all miss the Attic but I'm sure something just as good or better will come along. And Rachel is talking about maybe doing an Attic show for charity so maybe it's not completely over. We never know what life is going to bring our way.

Hope you and Rene are well.


Friday, August 03, 2007  
Blogger ginab said...

Oh I was hoping for news on the gig in Clapham! Great news on the new house, though. It's good to see you here.

Both the crush of America and the close of ITA, I have thought of you. I'd take it just as you did, in other words, or I can rather feel your shoes. You wear your heart on your sleeve, in other words. And no one can do anything about that! You're a good soul, and no one can do anything about THAT! So although people and business moves this and that-a-way, it's not against you, against your heart on your sleeve, against your good soul.

I miss your drawings, by the way.

hang in there and let us know about Clapham. People came out!


PS: Suejoy is healing well and she has love all around her.

Sunday, August 05, 2007  

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