Thursday, April 12, 2007


Hey bloggers, thanks for all the great shouts here, they are much appreciated. Although we just came back from Goa, we drove down to France for the Easter weekend, where we camped by a lake. It was a bit chilly during the night, but both me and Rene had a wonderful time. I caught a Sturgeon, which looked almost pre-historic. I was over the moon though, I've never caught one of those before. That's were caviar comes from, but apparently they are know as pretty stupid fish, and can be caught over and over again. I had thought I had caught two Sturgeon of similar size, but on returning home and loading my pictures onto the computer, I realized that it was the same fish, caught some three hours after the first time I caught it. Rene also caught her very first fish, and she was very happy.
At the moment I am working with an old friend of mine Lee, he is a singer\songwriter and has agreed to play a set of my songs with me, I'm hoping the extra voice and guitar will help my live performances. I'm trying to arrange some gig's at the moment, if anyone can think of a good venue for me to play, let me know.
Anyway, thankyou again everyone, and a big thankyou to Sue, that was really sweet darlin, I'm back! So, give me a shout.