Thursday, April 27, 2006


I had a great time on the show last night, caught the train, met Rene in central London and had a great coffee, Rene had her lunch, although I wasn't hungry. Then Rene went back off to work and I caught the next train home.
First thing when I got in, was check the blog, really love all the great shout's, thankyou very much, I really appreciate them, and then checked Rachel's blog, and realised there had been some problem with the loop. This show's how one person's misfortune, is another's fortune, as I was able to watch, I don't care if it's sad to watch yourself, I enjoy it, although I do enjoy my music more if I close my eye's. It is hard for me remember everything that goes on in the show as well. Anyway, you get the picture, I'm glad I saw the loop.
I'm going to try and work on my new song tomorrow, it's nearly ready, just a few more word's to come and then I can record a demo. I didn't mention on the show, but Indy my nephew came round for his guitar lesson on Monday evening, and I'm happy to report that he'd definitely been practicing, and had also improved greatly, I was really proud of him. So, I turned up the heat, and showed him some stuff that was a fare bit harder, but he took to it quickly. We'll see what happen's next week.
I don't know if the F1 grande prix is on this weekend, if it is, I would appreciate you letting me know, I think me and Rene are joining Shaun and Lisa and Jed, spending the weekend at my mum's boat. Shaun caught a huge carp there last weekend, and I was hoping to do the same, although truth be known, I used to sit next to my brother and fish just beside him, copy his tackle and bait, and still he would catch all the fish, it's alway's been the way. I truly love fishing, but am not very succuessful at it. It will also be very nice to see my mum of course, and have a relaxing time, but if there's a F1 GP then I don't want to miss it.
Rene's much better now, and the sushi went down a storm, I was very proud of myself, I accompanied the sushi with prawn and udon soup, there the big fat noodles. I do enjoy cooking, but sometime's I'm a little too passonate, and get far to angry about slightly overcooking the prawn's, I am a fool. Rene's got a work thing tonight, so I'm home alone. Anyway, this has been a long blog, thank's all and take care, and you could alway's Give Me a Shout'

Sunday, April 23, 2006


So that everyone here get's the chance of a shout on this week's show, and there choice of song I play, here is your chance, don't waste a second.
I'm still feeling a little flakey after our holiday, Rene's on the mend though, I'm cooking dinner tonight, and I'm going to have a go at sushi, we've got all the stuff and I feel confident, I'll let you know how it goes on the show, but if anyone has any word's of wisdom between now and this evening, please share them.
I just watched the San Marino Grand Prix, I loved it, but I must say that it wasn't the best of race's, whether that was to do with the director, or the actual race, I shall never know.
Once again, please let me know if you want a shout on IN THE ATTIC this week, and tell me the particular song's you would like me to play. Also, any useless fact's you have would be appreciated, as I seem to have exhausted my supply. I hope everyone's having a good weekend, take care you lot, and GMaS.


Friday, April 21, 2006


Thank's for all the cool shout's on my blog here everyone, very much appreciated. I was really happy how 'Matches' went, and then 'Misery' with Simon was really cool, and it was great to listen to it on ITA Radio, thank's Gaz. I thought the whole show went really well considering Rachel didn't feel very well.
I've posted some more holiday photo's, I didn't really get to visit the nature reserve, although Rene and I walked down the mountain, that we were staying at the top of, only to find a large fence, it was also getting dark, and I had promised to cook dinner. We made it back up the mountain in good time, but were both exhausted. I did cook dinner though, and it was delicious if I say so myself, we both slept very well that night.
Although I haven't blogged that much recently, I'll try harder in future, thank's again for all the great comment's, you really make me smile.
Rene's home from work early because she doesn't feel very well, so I better get my nurses uniform out and look after her, that is a joke of course, although I will be looking after her, there was so much driving for her to do, I started to feel as though I should learn, just to take the pressure off Rene. Anyway, thank's again, take care all, and if you want to, GMaS.


Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Back Home...

Hey everyone, we are back home, got back yesterday morning, but have been pretty wiped out. We had a great time, and I've got plenty of photo's. I'll post a few now, and more later. Thankyou for all your great post's about last week's show, and thank's for all your well wishing for me and Rene on our hol's.
I took my song book to Spain with me, although didn't even open it, I spent the whole time relaxing and enjoying myself. Back home now, and back to work.
Really looking forward to tonight's show, I haven't thought of any useless fact's or even considered what I could play, but I'm sure everything will turn out fine on the show.
I hope that everyone had a great Easter holiday, I'll blog later with more stories of our trip.
Well, I've got to get ready now, I hope I'll see you all on the show, thank's again for all the great comment's on my blog, let me know if you want a shout on the show, or if you want me to play a particular song, or just let me know if you enjoyed the show, so take care all, and please GMaS.


Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Cool Show...

What a cool show last night, firstly Layla was amazing, and very sweet as well. I had a brilliant time, made even better by Rene's appearance. After the show, we all went and got a burger, well actually, I got a chilli dog, which I loved. Then Rene drove us home, and I even got to see the loop, hurray.
Great news, I've got some home recorded demo's up on IAC, I've put up 'We Will Fix It' and 'Matches', I really hope everyone enjoy's them, they are quite basically recorded, but I think they sound ok. So please go and give them a listen, and tell me what you think?
Even more great news, Rene and I are going on holiday tonight for about 5 day's, we are going to Spain, I'm looking forward to good food, good weather and peace and quiet.
Thank's for all the great shout's here on my blog, I really appretiate all the great feed back you have given me, I hope you all have a great week, stay well and happy, take care and GMaS.


Monday, April 10, 2006


I really enjoyed last week's show, it's alway's good to meet fellow artist's, and blogging legend's. This week's show will be on Tuesday, I presume at the normal time. You must let me know what you would like me to play. I'm also going to post some more t-shirt idea's, it's harder than I thought, but with all feed back I've been receiving, it's been made easier.
When I returned home last week from the show, I was shocked to walk into a cold house, the boiler had packed up, and it was freezing. Although very romantic, because of all the candles alight trying to raise the temperature. It turned our weekend into an exercise in keeping warm.
My father is a heating engineer, but has just left on holiday for two week's, isn't it alway's the way, but having some of my father's jean's, I gave it ago. After a few attempt's, over a couple of day's, the boiler was fixed, by my own gracious hand, and Rene was over the moon, me too actually.
So once again, please let me know if you want a particicular song played, or if you want a shout out live on the show, or if you have any useless fact's that I could use. I hope your all doing well and staying fit, let me know what you think of the t-shirt idea, take care, enjoy the show and GMaS.


Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Thank's for all the great post's everybody, I'm really looking forward to the show tomorrow, IN THE ATTIC episode number 6, can you believe it. I've hardly played my guitar since last week's show. I've got a couple of idea's of song's to play, but please feel free to ask for personal favorite's.
Indy missed his guitar lesson again this week, though thankfully not down to illness. I did miss our time together, he is great to be around.
I've posted up some idea's I've had about putting some of my artwork on ti-shirt's to be sold on the Who merchandizing counter, it was Pete's idea, tell me what you think blogger's, and let me know if you want and shout out on the show, hope your all good and get a good feed tomorrow, take care and GMaS.


Monday, April 03, 2006


Last week's show was really funny, I really enjoyed myself. I returned home across London the next day, and felt a bit wiped out. Friday's building work finished at the normal time, and I looked forward to a quite relaxing weekend with my Rene.
Then it began, some argument between some of our neighber's, and a dreadful noise continued throughout the night, I hate conflict's, and I hate noise.
But there was a silver lining to this grey cloud, my alarm awoke me at 3:30am, it was the live qualifying for the F1 Australian GP, I was only partially awake, but loved it, I prefere to watch the live event where possible, a few hour's later the position's for the race had been sorted and I returned to bed.
Saturday, Rene had bought some dining room chair's off of E-bay, and we set out to go and collect them, the address said Kent, but it was much more like South London, I'd thought we were going for a drive in the country.
We spent Saturday night watching a film and having pizza. Sunday was race day in Australia, Jenson Button was on pole, and it looked like today was the day for his first victory, but the poor bloke blew up just before the finishing line. It was a superb race, the best so far. There's a break for three week's now until the next GP.
Then after the race, I went to visit my brother Shaun, we had a good afternoon in the garden pruning and clearing, the sun was bright in the sky. Jed is as gorgeous as ever, alway's smiling and giggling, and so big and strong.
Building work continued this morning, but every day I become a little more accustomed to it, I'm looking forward to Indy's guitar lesson this evening, he's doing really well.
I haven't done any music this weekend, so my new song is still a way off being finished, and that's about been my week since the show. Thankyou everyone for your shout's here on my blog, and thankyou to Molly for posting up a link to my fan-map on her blog, thankyou everyone.
I've posted up another drawing from an old song book, I like this one, thank's again for all the great shout's, hope your all good, take care all and obviously GMaS.