Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Wow, what a time I've had, Rene came with me to Hyde Park festival, we got the train and then a black cab to the gates. We made our way to the airstream, and soon began the show. We had the most amazing guest's on, Razorlight and Ed Hardcourt, Rose hill drive came on again, and the show was aired on the huge screen in the Hard Rock tent. Rene had to go home on her own as I was travelling to Beaulieu with the magic bus. We packed up and left, and drove through the night to Beaulieu, which is actually the area where I used to holiday as a child. White stripe's was written very close to where we were playing, whilst camping with Rene. It is a gorgeous area, although the road's very twisty and up and down, but horses and deer run wild. The gig went very well, it was good to see Mark T and his son, who gave me a gorgeous jar of honey from his hol's, thank's mate, Delbut, Kenny and Sarah, and Charlotte and Laura, to whom I owe a great debt of thank's, because Charlotte gave me a lift home, she is such a sweetie, so is Laura.
As I say, I had the next day off, and then travelled to Liverpool by train, I court a black and white cab to the gig, which was being held in a huge blue and yellow fairground tent. I can't remeber what I played, but we had a great band on called Shack, the Who were awesome as ever, and I escorted Charlotte and Laura her friend to the side of the stage, for a great view and thank's. I stayed in a great hotel that night, and walked to the gig the next day. We had another great show with the Casbah club playing, they were fantastic, but there's been so many that I'm forgetting some amazing people, I know I am, please help.... Anyway, from Liverpool, I flew with the band to Dublin, which is a beautiful city, and spent the next day sleeping in my lovely hotel room. The next day, accompanied with Rene, who travelled overnight to meet me in the morning, went to the gig, which seemed to be surrounded by a hurricane, strange, as in Dublin it was fine. It was touch and go, but when we finished the show, it felt good, against the odd's.
Packed up after a hard long great show, and drove with the bus's to T- in the Park, Scotland. I didn't manage an hour's sleep, and when we got to the site, the place was a mud bath. The show went on, although it was a tight one, all the crew deserved medal's. I was very tired and didn't feel I gave enough thank's to the guest's, E from the Eel's was amazing, he bewitched me... and Regina Speckter was incredible and unique, as well as beautiful, it was another amazing show, yet again there were other incredible guest's, it's just I'm going to run out of expleative's soon.
After the show, I was completely wiped out, Rachel sent me home for a rest, so we haven't done the Bonn show with the Who... But I've had some time to recouperate, next is Berlin tomorrow.... I know I'm a nightmare, but I left my camera in Scotland, what a nightmare, but at least I took some on my new phone, hope everyone is watching the show's, we're all working really hard... I'm also having difficulties blogging, or finding time with a computer, so I'm sorry, but it may be some time before you get the next installment, I hope I can get my act together soon, anywho, take care all, thank's for all the great shout's, I really appreaciate them, keep watching the show, and of course GMaS!!!

Saturday, July 01, 2006


I am having a great time on IN THE ATTIC, and THE WHO World Tour, I feel super lucky, but I've said all this before, so I'll just get on with it.
I walked to the train station with my heavy bag at about 11:30am, going first into London, to catch a train to Bristol, got there and jumped into a cab, and I arrived at the football ground at about 4:30pm. I had just enough time to change and have a cup of tea, and on the show at 5:30pm. Apparently, there were some technical problems, but they were quickly remedied by the brilliant guy's that never appear on the show, they are excellent, and we all have a laugh.
The show started with The Zuton's performing on the show, there was load's of them, so I sat outside, it was the first time that I had watched the show live, and I really enjoyed it, all the Zuton's were really cool fella's and they said that they'd come back on, they version of Mary Anne really rocked the bus out.
Pete played a gorgeous song, and then Si came in and played a beautiful song. I played Plasticine, accompanied by Pete and Rachel, and it lovely. Even if I do say so myself.
Justin's film exert's are brilliant, he have such a skillful eye and can appear from thin air before your very eye's, or so it seem's, but he is so cool, and I really like him. The show was a great success, we finished and then I was able to watch THE WHO perform, from the golden circle at the front, and they were amazing, I felt a real magic and euphoria, everyone clapping in perfect time, it was quite spooky.
It was really cool to meet El Wisty who was at the gig ( not at the previous show gary ) and Paul from Glasgow and Delbut, who I gave badges to, as well as many other viewer's of the show that came up to me during the evening, thankyou everyone, it was great to see you.
Everyone left the venue, I jumped into the motor home with the driver, and we set out in convoy, with the IN THE ATTIC bus, Pete's magic bus, and the infinity motorhome, all travelling through the night to Belgium. It was a long drive, and I didn't sleep, we stopped at Calais for a couple of hour's, but I couldn't sleep then, then we carried on to Belgium, arriving at the gig at about 6pm.
The place was completely packed, the WERCHTER festival is Belgium's largest. We parked the bus's up, and I watched some of the show's from the side of the stage, because I'm an artist, I always get the top AAA pass. I watched THE CHILLI PEPPERS, who were great, and a bit of THE BLACK EYED PEAS, but there bass was dangerously loud, and was shaking the bus. Next day, the rest of the crew arrived, and the bus's were all moved right behind the stage, we basically took over backstage, it was great.
The show was excellent, although the air-con didn't seem to be working completely, and it was very hot, THE EDITORS and THE KOOKS both came on the show, and played song's that had never been played before, live, it was so cool, I loved them both, and look forward to seeing and hearing them all again, it was a real honour for me. I played WE WILL FIX IT accompanied by Rachel and Pete, and had to make up a new middle 8 on the spot because I'd forgotton the one I'd originally written, but it was good, although at the time, I was devastated and went back to the bus feeling awful, later, feeling a little better, I ventured out and spoke to Ashley, and he played me a clip, it was really sweet of him, it is so weird, that memories become a little changed probably by tiredness and sound fatigue. I soon changed my mood, and then watched THE WHO perform from the sound and lighting rig in the middle of the audience, the tower bit, it was how the show should be viewed, I could truly appreciate the enourmity of the visual performance, with the light's and the band and the huge sound, it was crazy. I couldn't get any picture's because my battery had run out, it was a real shame, but I'll take my charger next time. Straight after the band finished, I jumped on a bus with them and went to the airport, and travelled home on a big luxurious private jet, it was so cool, but I was a bit wiped out, before long, I was home, it felt like I'd been away for week's.
I love all the shout's and comment's you give me here, thanks blogger's, I hope your all ok and enjoying this stuff, hope to see you all at the gig, please come and say hello, take care all, and err, GMaS.