Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Mikey in the USA

I've been in the USA for nearly 2 weeks now, and this is my first blog away from home. I'm sitting in a hotel room in Chicago on the eve of the 'ITA' House of Blues gig.
I received a phonecall from Rachel from America asking me to come out after I thought it was all cancelled, and to my surprise flew out the very next day. I flew to JFK New York and Rene followed 3 days later. This is my first time in the US and I love it, it has always been a dream of mine to visit, and once again I feel very lucky.
The first ITA show in the US was filmed in Pete's dressing room at Madison Square Gardens, during the Who gig. It was great to meet Sarah and Charlotte backstage, as well as to meet David Bowie, although it was a shame he didn't appear on the show. It was great to be back with the team, but felt like I'd never been away. The show was excellent.
It was also great to meet the Third of
Never guys, and help with their video shoot, they are real sweethearts.
We then took a bus ride to Baltimore and performed an ITA at the V festival, meeting The Flaming Lips and The Raconteurs, who were both wonderful. Rene and I dressed up in Santas outfits and danced on stage with the Lips, it was great.
We got back on the bus and drove to Chicago. Rene and I got a bit lost when we went out for a walk and I developed some huge blisters, needless to say we found our way back. We went to see Rachel perform at Barnes & Noble, and met bblayla, Roland & Lisa, Jeff and other bloggers, Rachel performed beautifully although she was quite ill, we then went on to watch the Who perform in a huge arena, it was fantastic.
Tomorrow is the House of Blues gig and I am very excited.
Thanks for all the great shouts, and thank you to all the great people I have met here, hope everyone is good, and hope to meet many more bloggers and fans tomorrow at the House of Blues.
Back home on Saturday where I will post pictures and fill in the blanks.
Take care all, this is Mikey in the USA signing off.
Nearly forgot in all the excitement, GMaS, and if you haven't already, go and buy my CD at

Thursday, September 14, 2006


We set off from the Lovely days festival in St.Polten, and headed out of Austria and back to Germany in convoy, I travelled in the motorhome with the driver, a lovely guy from Manchester called Pete, travelling along with the other airstream's. I had fallen asleep during the journey, and awoke to find myself in Ulm, parked right next to a huge gothic cathedral, half covered in scaffolding. From the rear of the stage it looked like the stage and the cathedral were one structure. In the early afternoon there was a huge storm and the fences were pushed up against the motorhome and the 'In the Attic' airstream, then it disapeared as quickly as it had appeared. It was great to meet blogger's there, Stefan and Charly, then prepared for the show.
I was sported my golfing trousers, but I can't truly remember any of the song's any of us played, but I'm sure we were brilliant, as was The Who, who were amazing. I helped the guy's pack up, and then found my way to one of the tour bus's. I had secured a bunk on the smoking bus, which was lucky, but none of the ATTIC crew were on the smoking bus, but that didn't stop me from joining some great crew members for a little drink as we travelled to Barcelona, which was nearly a full day's journey, but then two day's off there. I crawled into my bunk some hour's after we set off, very drunk, then felt punished for the rest of the drive to Barcelona, that couldn't end to soon, I felt very ill, but once in my room in Barcelona, I went to bed and recouperated.
I found it quite lonely in Barcelona, the first day I left the hotel, I got lost and stumbled upon my hotel by pure chance. Then the second slightly less lonely day, I spent trying to get lost in the labyrinth of walkway's of the old town, knowing that I had a copy of the hotel's name and address in my wallet this time. I had a great time, but it was intensely hot and I had to keep returning to my room for a shower. That evening, the crew and I, got back on the bus's and headed for Madrid, it was a very shakey ride and I did not drink this time, and felt very well for it. I was looking forward to Madrid, because Rene was coming out and meeting me there.
We arrived in Madrid, where quickly I met Rene, we went back to the Sports palace stadium, which was a huge enclosed space, the ATTIC airstream was parked under the rear of the stage with the motorhome beside it, the place was enourmous, and cooler because we were out of the sun. IN THE ATTIC was brilliant, funny and very enjoyable, I felt I played very well. Rachel performed beautifully, and Pete was incredible, then went out and performed a storming set, I left early with Rene to our hotel, and an early night.
We spent the day in Madrid, clothes and shoe shopping, eating lovely food and having a superb time, the next day, we travelled together on the super fast Spainish train to Zaragoza, it was a lovely journey, smooth and very fast. We checked into our room and then went to the Pabellon Principe Felipe stadium, where we were greeted by the sight of the airstream's and the motorhome, a familiar sight amongst the unfamiliar. The show went excellently, me and Rene watched The Who perform from the lighting rig, but had to leave early, because this was our last European show.
I still feel very lucky to have been a part of the IN THE ATTIC and THE WHO, UK & Euro Tour, it has been an amazing experence, the journey was unbelievable, the places and the people that I've met all across Europe, sometimes loney and tired, but what a journey it has been. All my thank's go to Rachel and Pete, Simon, all the crew, The Who and all there crew, and everybody who watched the show's, the driver's and security, management and loved one's.

Rene and I returned home, it felt very strange, like I'd lived another life time, and that was on my birthday. I got home and checked my blog, but couldn't seem to post for a while.

Really hope that everyone has an amazing time at Joe's pub, it's a shame I couldn't make it, but I'm sure that there will be another opportunity in the future. Sorry, that I have not blogged in age's as well, hope everyone is good.

Great news though, it is now possible to buy my EP on the EELPIE website, in collaboration's, it is called INVISIBLE, and has five track's which include Tourist, Plasticine, White stripes, Misery and the title track. Please let me know, what I mean is, Give me a shout! Take care all,