Wednesday, May 31, 2006


I had a great laugh on the show last night, I felt very lucky to get to watch it on the loop when I got back this afternoon. I was very proud of the submarine port hole that Rene and I had made the previous evening, and blown away by all the clothing, everyone looked great, Rachel done a fantastic job, I love my team zissou clothes, so does Rene, and she's a bit jealous.
It's great to see the live version of 'We will fix it' up on Attic Radio, and I think I agree with Natalie about the tempo. I was pleased with the song's I played, and totally enjoyed everyone else's. I hope everyone had a great time watching.
I've still got decisions to make and thing's to do and listen to, so this is a short one, thank's to everyone who support's me, take care all,


Saturday, May 27, 2006


I've been sorting out stuff for my EP this week, there are so many decision's for me to make, and I want everything to be perfect, already busy people are going out of there way to help me, which I'm amazingly grateful, but time's ticking away, the tour is really soon, I'm really looking forward to the tour, and of course to this week's IN THE ATTIC special 'The Life Aquattic' on Tuesday. I don't know what Rachel's got in store for us all, but I'm sure it will be brilliant. Tune in and see, I think it's the last one before the tour.
I've also been recording and working with drum programming at my home studio, I'm really happy with how the drum's are sounding. I'm starting to write a new song as well at the moment, I'll keep you informed.
I've posted up another drawing from an old sketch book, let me know what you think?
The weather here has been pretty poor throughout the last week, and I think we are in for more of the same to come, the building work has been put on temporary hold, this has allowed me to record at home, but the scaffolding remain's, and my garden look's like a building site.
Thankyou to everyone for posting here, and leaving me such kind words, appologies for the slack blogging, I've no excuses. Hope everyone is well and happy, take care all...

Saturday, May 20, 2006


I had a great time on the show this week, Martha was superb and really sweet. I got to play my new song, 'Sweet June', as well as 'Clever Girl'(because Gary said it was going on Attic Radio), and 'Invisible', which I wrote about a year ago, but only performed it on the last show. They all seemed to go well, I'm really glad that everyone enjoyed them, and can continue to enjoy on Attic Radio, thank's Gary.
Done some voice over's with Rachel for the cartoon for IN THE ATTIC, I can't wait to see them, it was really funny.
I'm getting my EP stuff together, there will be six track's and some of my artwork, and it will be on sale at, the WHO merchandize counter, during the tour. It will be great when people can buy my music, I'm really excited.
The weather here has taken a turn for the worse, rain and strong wind's, definitely not beach weather, so me and Rene are plotting up in front of the tv and watching film's today, I love a film day. Tomorrow, I going to see my newest niece Millie, she's my sister Janine's newest edition to the clan, and she is beautiful. Janine is Ryan and Indy's mum and my youngest sister of three, I don't think I've mentioned much about my sister's before.
Hope everyone's having a good weekend, take care all and GMaS.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006


I've been a bit of a slack blogger again haven't I, I've been taking it easy for the last week. I went fishing on the beach, didn't catch anything though. The weather has been brilliant and I managed a few day's on the beach soaking up the ray's. I've been meaning to record my new song, but haven't started yet, I may play the new song on this week's special show. I would also like to play Invisible, which is a song I played at the gig, but have never played on IN THE ATTIC, after many request's to hear it.
Thank's for all the great shout's on my blog everyone, I love reading all your beautiful word's. I've been watching load's of film's as well, I really enjoy immersing myself completely. I spent the day at my brother's house yesterday, working in the garden, the garden is beautiful, and although very strenuous, it give's me a great sence of accomplishment. One day I would like a huge garden, with green house's and lake's, and wood's and, and, and I'm going a bit mental now aren't I?
Really looking forward to the show tomorrow, if you want a shout, or question, or something else, just let me know here...

Thank's again everyone, take care and GMaS.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Sorry for the slack blogging here, but better late than never. Thankyou very much for all great good luck message's here, I felt all of your power and performed well, I had a great time. It was excellent to see all blogger's that turned up, Mark and Jill, Marietta and her Mum, Charlotte and Cat, Ben and Tom, thankyou very much, I really appreciated the great support you gave me, and for the great review's you've written on your blog's, thankyou again.
I wasn't as nervous as last time I supported the Casbah Club, although I didn't get the chance to reherse very much. I remember Rene saying,'you're playing that gig on Sunday', which I think was on thursday evening, but as I ran through some song's the next day, and it became apparent to me that I remembered all of them no problem, which is probably down to playing them fairly regularly on IN THE ATTIC. So feeling altogether more confident, I think I performed well, trouble occured when I tried to retune my guitar from conventional to DADGAD without the use of a tuner, I thought I'd learnt my lesson from last year, but my tuner broke only recently, and I thought that I could do it, I need to gig more I reckon.
The show was going well, people singing along in place's and dancing down the front, but I was aware of a small group of people talking, which was really off putting, I found myself getting angry and loosing the feel of the song, but as I played my final song, 'Invisible', a song that hasn't been played on IN THE ATTIC, they all shut up and listened, later the very same people appologized to me, which I thought was really nice. Some people asked if I was selling any CD's, I can't wait til I have something that people can buy. I had a great time watching the brilliant Cashah Club after my set, and got a picture with the band, they are all lovely fella's and I can't wait to work with them again.
Feel's a bit weird not doing IN THE ATTIC tonight, but the weather's lovely here at the moment, the building work still continues, more noise than ever, but I think I'm nearly imune now, hope everyone's doing well, take care all and GMaS.

Friday, May 05, 2006


I'm supporting 'The Casbah Club' on Sunday at Club Riga in Southend-on-sea. I have played the venue before and had a great time. It is a real honour for me to support Simon and the band, they are amazing and really rock out.
I've heard that some blogger's are coming, sorry I never used your 123456 date thing Markt, I had it written down and everything, but it will be great to see you there mate, I think Marietta and her Mum are coming, and Charlotte, so it will be great.
I hope I get the chance to meet all the blogger's, don't be shy.
So, I'm going to get back to getting ready for the gig, glad everyone enjoyed the show last week, this week it's the Life Aquattic special, I can't wait.
I'll blog on monday, and give you all the story, take care all, have a great weekend, wish me luck or just give me a shout...


Monday, May 01, 2006


Me and Rene had a great time at my Mum's boat on the weekend, we travelled up on saturday afternoon and spent the night, as well as my brother Shaun and Lisa and Jed. All of us sleeping on the boat, which was a bit of a squeeze, but never the less a great time. It was made even greater when I saw my float go under the water, and I landed this fish, a beautiful male Bream. It is the biggest fish I have ever caught, I think I already explained by bad luck, but not this time. I was stunned, and felt like a small child, it was an amazing experience, am I mental or something.
Anyway, we got home late last night, and had a very lazy day today, Rene inform's me that the gig at Club Riga is under a week away, and I think there's a few of you blogger's coming, you will be in for a great night, I am only supporting the great 'Casbah Club', they are fantastic, so I want to do a great show.
Thankyou everyone for some great shout's and compliment's here, I am very lucky to receive such corespondance, I hope you all had a good weekend, take care all, and GMaS.