Monday, January 30, 2006

Woman and bike.

Here is a drawing entitled 'Woman and bike'. I drew this when I was 16, whilst in a life class at college. I think it was this drawing that helped me understand the importance of the eraser, as a tool, creating a clean white line and greater contrast.

This drawing was my very first exhibited work, I had it professionally framed for the exhibition. I attended the opening and was very proud that one of my drawings was being shown. Shame about the photo though.

I appologize for my slack blogging, well said Kevin. This past week, I have been helping brother Shaun clear an overgrown area in his garden, then begin construction of a greenhouse. We moved ton's of soil around the garden and done some hard landscaping. I have let him do all the construction side, but I have enjoyed being outdoor's all week, it's been very cold, actually it's been snowing, but I really enjoyed myself. I stayed at home today and get a blog up, on this one and the Indonesian blog. I've been working on the new song as well, which is flying along, and sounding really cool, I can't wait to record it, although I've got loads to do before I get that far.

Thankyou to everyone that has been playing my track's on IAC, I'm at number 13 and 14 on the Independant Chart, how amazing is that, thank's everyone. If you haven't already, please go and have a listen, it's on my LINKS bit, and the fan map if your a fan that is, it's really good to see where people are.

Had sunday lunch at my sister L'rain's last night, it was lovely, roast lamb with all the trimmings. It really can't be beaten, all the family was there, it was a real treat. I'm going to help brother Shaun again tomorrow, hope everyone's doing good, take care people and GMaS.


Monday, January 23, 2006

My Frogs...

Here's a painting I done when I was seventeen years old, I used oil paint on board, and it measure's around 6ft by 3ft.

I used to keep frogs in a vivarium, and paint and draw them. In the background of the picture, you can see a stylised view of the Art school building.

I am shown here, with my frog friends and a large leaf, from inside of the vivarium, looking out on an ever changing world. The Art school became a department, lost it's name and identity. It was a big thing to me back then.

Anyway, hope you like it, please feel free to critic here.

Going up to the studio tomorrow to work on some more vocals, and maybe a little guitar. I'm really looking forward to it, although not the travelling. Rachel will be there, she's been working on them today with the engineer, she's great to work with, she has great energy.

Work on the new song is going very well, I've got some lyric's and all the guitar parts, I'm still refining everything, but it sounds cool. Hope everyone's good, hey, I'm doing really well in IAC chart, thankyou everyone that's been voting and playing my tunes, I'm doing well on the independant chart. Thankyou for all your support, I really appretiate it. So, take care and GMaS...


Saturday, January 21, 2006

' CHAIR ' on Glass. III.

Here's a photograph of three large glass painting's, each was 7ft by 3ft. The paint was applied and then removed, and had a different view from the reverse side of each painting.
They are all painting's of a chair that belonged to my Grandmother. Many people would come and sit in the chair, just because it was so comfortable.
I used to draw and paint it's occupant's, some stayed longer than other's. I painted these images when I was 18 at Southend Art School.
I wish this photograph was better quality, I really liked these paintings, but I'm not sure that they survived. Glass is really nice to paint on.
Hope you like the 'chair' paintings on glass, GMaS.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Whales sighted in Southend...

Two Northern Bottlenose whales were spotted in Southend water's last night, far from their home in the depths of the Atlantic. Then one whale was spotted near the London eye, and swam up the Thames towards Chelsea.
Rene reports informed me that there was still a whale in Southend today, and I've been looking out with my binoculars across the water all day, but haven't seen anything, although big waves fooled me at times.
I'm still writing the new song, and you can expect the whale to feature now, as well as Punk boy.
Hope everyone's doing good, thanks for all the comments here, take care and GMaS.


Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Developing a groove...

Had a great day yesterday at the studio, it's great working with Rachel. She's a brilliant musican, and an amazing singer and writer, and more than that, she is very funny.
We are speeding through the tracks, more recording next week on vocals, they are sounding great.
I can't wait until I've got a CD, I really enjoy listening to recent recordings.
I've been working on the new song today, it's really coming together, and developing a groove, listen to me. Anyway, just a short shout out.
Hope all of you are doing well and happy, take care and GMAS,


Monday, January 16, 2006


Firstly, I would like to thank everyone's kind and caring words, I feel very positive now, I was very touched that you all seemed to understand. I've given my fish tank a clean, mourned my Punk boy, and intend to include him in a song in the future. Anyway, thanks everyone.
Great news, I'm going with Rachel on tour with The Who, with In the Attic, and Rachel's band. I'm really looking forward to it. I can support Rachel and her band when they play, I am so lucky. You must make sure you sign my fan map, so that I know where you are, and can let you know when I'm in the area, how cool.
I'm going into the studio with Rachel tomorrow to lay down some vocals, I don't know if this one's going out over the web, I'll see. I'm really looking forward to it, the tracks are sounding amazing.
I've also got a Myspace now, and I'm on IAC, so check me out, Tourist is already up to number 46, on the alternative chart, and Plasticine is at 49 on the alternative pop rock chart. It's only been up a week, how brilliant is that. Thanks to the cool people for putting my stuff up on there Myspace's and every radio station that's playing me, thanks everyone.
I'm still working on the same song that I've been working on for age's, it's evolved then devolved, got words, then lost them, so that's about that for now really.
I have links up to the Myspace and IAC and my Fan Map, please take a look. Thankyou to the people that made these things possible.
Hope everyone is good out there, take care and GMAS.


Thursday, January 12, 2006


Firstly, I appologize for slacking again with this and my other blog, its just not good enough. Don't worry, I've given myself a real talking too, unfortunately I completely ignored myself.

So, starting with the GOOD, had an amazing time up at the studio recording some songs with Rachel and her band, it is such a pleasure working with such talented people, not only do they have talent and ability, but they are all beautiful human beings. Rachel was on top form, and we managed to record four tracks, two of mine and two of hers, all of them are songs me and Rachel have played together for years.
I hope everyone who saw the session enjoyed it, you got the reality of recording, the joy of creation, I think it was a stroke of genius to put it out on TOWSER TV. Thanks to everyone that made it happen. My return journey home was a good one, and Rene picked me up from the station.
I sat down in the lounge and fed my fish, and watched them eat, then noticed that the largest of my fish, a kissing gourami that we called 'Punk boy' was missing. I hunted around looking for him, growing more and more concerned, and then found him.
I'm finding this hard to write, but he was dead. I had noticed him growing old and skinny, but he was such a character I never expected him to go so fast. I'm really upset, but have realised that all things must die, time moves on.
I took him over to the beach straight away, it was very windy, and the sea was rough, I stood in the surf and let his body wash into the sea and out of my hands. I truly loved 'Punk boy', I will miss him greatly.
All the other fish in the tank are well, and I maintain my love for them.
So, I've been in a foul mood since, although I'm feeling a little better today, and tomorrow will be better.
I hope this blog finds you all well, thankyou for all your kind words.
I'll post a picture of Punk boy, a true friend of mine, bless his infinite soul, may he rest in peace.


Wednesday, January 04, 2006


I hope that everyone had a great New year, Rene was upset by her sister and the washing machine's started leeking, then I noticed that one of my fish was dead. He was an Illusous Rainbow, a particularily beautiful one, he looked fine, but obviously wasn't, I felt bad because I hadn't studied my fishtank for a few days, so I wouldn't of seen anything wrong.
I love my fish, maybe I sound like a bit of a nutter, but I do care for them, and they all have very different personalities. I have had my favorite's from time to time, I've also had really horrible fish, but some real character's.

I'm alway's sad when one dies, and take there bodies over to the sea, and put them back in the wild. My fish tank is a tropical freshwater setup, I've always loved Marine but never felt fully qualified or rich enough to start one. Maybe one day.
I'm still working on my new song, I've found some new chords to add, but it's a constant process, that I don't rush or press myself too severely for completion.
I've also been playing with my new violin(which I'm barely playing at the moment, actually making quite an awful sound, like a screaming cat).
And my new Yukalele, which I'm not sure of the proper tuning, I'll have to ask Pete, but in the tuning I have it, it sounds cool.
Other great news, I had Luke and Ryan over the other day, we spent the whole day together playing driving games(Gotham Racing 2) and playing the Bazooki, which Ryan was playing very well. It's so great to see them both, I havent seen Ryan in ages, and he's getting really broard and strong, Luke keeps growing everyday, I think he's my height at the moment, and still growing. They both drive, unlike me, and have got lights and sound system's in there cars, it's what the kid's do here I suppose, I think it's quite funny really.
Anyway, I've posted a photo of my fish tank, thanks for posting on this blog, take care and GMAS.