Saturday, December 09, 2006


Thanks for all the great shouts here, you brilliant to me bloggers. Please keep them coming, and if you haven't already, go and buy my cd, it's well worth it, and if you have got it already, please tell me what you think of it here. I know I've said this before, but I'm sure you understand.
Well, from Canada, I woke up in Grand Rapids, and a foot of snow, feeling a little better, I watched the Who show and was blown away by the amazing performance, truly breath taking. Then back to sleep on the bus, waking up in Omaha in Nebraska and a day off, I spent the whole day and night in my room, going out for a walk along the Missouri river, but it was really cold.
I felt massively emotion in my room, it was the day before my Rene's birthday, we spoke on the phone, but saying goodbye was breaking my heart, knowing that I was at the gig on her birthday and wouldn't be able to even talk to her, it was my worst day yet, but I managed to practice alot, which i'm not able to do on the bus at the moment because all the guy's are so busy working. We got to the gig the next day, although I didn't really sleep the previous night, and had a killer headache. Although I was given some great news, that there was a possibility that I could get a flight home just a couple of days early. This gave me strength, and I went out to watch the Who show. I could see that both Pete and Roger had got the dreaded flu, but battled on and performed a killer set, just watching the show tired me out completely, and I have the upmost respect for them, they are incredible, of course I new this before but I am just blown away every time.
Tonight, we are in Minneapolis, and have just returned from Rachel's Barnes & Noble gig, it was great to see Steve there, as well as bloggers, Brina and Elaine. Rachel performed brilliantly, the place was packed out, and Rachel and Pete signed cd's for loads of people. I'm in the bus feeling pretty tired, and want to be feeling my best for the gig tomorrow in Chicago. As for the songs I'm going to play, it's hard to please everybody, because I only have one guitar, and people are choosing songs in different tunings, so I may not please everybody, but am playing the songs I want to play, hope your all ok with that.
So, until tomorrow, hope everyone is good and well, hope to meet loads of you guy's at the gig, hope I play well, and please feel free to give me a shout (GMaS)...Still missing my darlin Rene as much as ever, but I'm going home really soon now, but I've had a great time here in the good old US of A, thanks people.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Thanks for all the great shouts I've had here on this blog, you guy's have really picked me up when I was down, still shaking off the last dregs of my cold, still coughing, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Just one week now, and soon I'll be home and with my darlin Rene.
So, from NYC and Joe's, to Uncasville, to be truthful, I didn't see much of it, I still felt awful and spent most of my day on the tour bus just recouperating and watching films. I caught a little of the Who gig, and it was brilliant, but it was hard to appreciate as I still felt bad. The day dragged on, then on the bus to Boston. At Boston, the bus was parked around the other side of the building and it took ages to get in the place, I took a little walk, and found the place to be really pretty, I got some good pictures and started to feel a little better, but once again, I done very little apart from try to make myself feel better, taking care of myself and relaxing. There is nothing worse than feeling ill on a bus, but one day at a time, and onwards and upwards.
From Boston, back on the road and across the boarder to Canada, to Toronto. It was absolutely freezing, we had a day off at a hotel, so I had the chance to talk to Rene for a while, which made me feel great. I spent the whole day watching television and sleeping, then left the next day to the gig feeling stronger. I didn't watch any of the Who show, but spent the whole time on the bus, but it was great to see Rachel, who came on to see me, and brought me a lovely gift, which I didn't expect but am massively grateful, Rachel told me the story of her and Pete's nightmarish plane story. Then back across the boarder to the US, having a boarder patrol inspection at 5am, which was nice, but all is well, and I'm feeling alot better, as I said before, I'm still coughing.
I'm really looking forward to Chigago, and have 4 songs this time, so if any of you have any request's, please do let me know. Until then, I'll be watching some Who show's and practicing, trying to be completely well. Also, it will be Rene's birthday on the 7th and I won't be with her, my family are taking her out, but this will be hard, please leave her some great birthday wishes, because she keeps me strong, I would really appreciate this bloggers.
So I hope everyone is doing well, and being good, once again thankyou for all the great shouts here, it works you know, now keep up the good work and give me a shout (GMaS)...

Friday, December 01, 2006


Leaving Hershey, and I've come down with the same cold as most of the crew, it probably didn't help that I was feeling emotionally low due to missing my Rene, and spending the last month on the road, but anyway, it hit me hard. My throat felt terrible, and all I could think about was how I would perform at the Joe's pub gig.
We arrived at the bridgeport gig, which seemed to be situated next to a power station and a railway line, I felt awful. It was cold and rain fell in a fine mist, I went inside to watch the Who for a short time, and they were outstanding, the venue was huge and completely full, it was an amazing crowd, I wish I had felt better.
From Bridgeport, our bus took on some new members as well as equipment for the gig, and we drove into New York city, we stayed at the same hotel that I had stayed with Rene, back when I joined the tour just after the previous gig at Joe's pub. It was nice to be in a familiar place for once. I jumped in bed, but had trouble sleeping, and felt worse than ever. The next day, was a day off, and much appreciated too, I ventured out of my room and visited a diner that I had been before with Rene, it made me feel better, I also found a pharmacy and bought some medicine, which helped me further. I spent the rest of the day lying in my room, only leaving to get some more food from a deli.
The next day, I got to Joe's pub for the sound check, and met Shaun Lennon, Jimmy Fallon, Martha and Rachel, it was good to see Rachel, but I felt bad that I wasn't very up-beat during my introductions. I sat in the green room concentrating on making myself well, and after Pete arrived, the sound check started, I was the last to check, and was suprised how well it went. It was really good to meet loads of bloggers outside the venue as I smoked, you know who you are, and thankyou for all your kind words.
Pete and Rachel were really kind to me, and made me feel much better, I was nervous and feeling rough, but it was nice to see Roger come backstage and say hello to me. David Bowie came backstage, but stayed the other side of the room chatting to Pete, Rachel and Shaun.
My time came soon enough, and I was up on stage, I started with Misery, and then played Plasticine, it all went well and the time flew by, I sat at a table and watched the other acts, who were all brilliant. Then back on stage for the finale of I'm One, the show was a complete success and I enjoyed every second. I felt much better, and went to the meet and greet and spoke to loads of people, had loads of photo's taken, but had to leave quite quickly, as I was travelling back to the hotel with the crew on the bus. It was a great night, and I feel very lucky and privelidged to play there, in such great company.
All my thanks go to Rachel, Pete and all the crew that made everything work so brilliantly, there is so much work put into these show's, alot of time and effort. Thankyou everyone that attended, it was my pleasure to play.
Then back to the hotel, and an early night, then off on the bus the next ...
Thankyou to everyone giving me a shout on this blog, I really appreciate all the support you all give me. I still am missing my Rene very much, more everyday, but soon I'll be back home for Christmas, and I can't wait.
Please give me a shout, it helps...