Friday, February 09, 2007


Hi all, thanks for all the great shouts here. It was also brilliant so many of you guy's got to watch the show, I'm really glad you all injoyed it, thankyou very much indeed. Hope everyone has been good, my spirits are lifting, and I've been working on a new song, I think it will be called Greenhouse. Making music helps my mood alot, and I am feeling really good. I've been out on the beach getting some lovely pictures with my cool new camera, which I've put up here, let me know what you think?
I won't be going to America on the next leg of the Who tour, sorry to everyone that I will miss, but I'm sure I'll see you again, but IN THE ATTIC will tour the festivals of the UK and Europe in the airstream again, back to live transmission's and great guest's. I really enjoy touring, although I get homesick, or actually it's more missing Rene more than anything, it's a double edged sword, like most things really. It's really good to be home, and visiting Jed my little nephew, he is amazing.
Also, nearly forgot, this is my first blog on my new Mac, our last computer died a couple of week's ago, and I hadn't backed up any photo's, but luckily the photo's were retrieved and I can continue with the American Tour photo's.
Anyway, this is just a quick blog to say hi all, and thanks, hope all is well, take care and give me a shout.