Saturday, July 28, 2007

Hey bloggers, sorry for my absence. I've tried a thousand times to sit and write something here, but couldn't manage it, don't know why.
Firstly, I would like to send out all my love to Suesjoy, and wish her a speedy recovery, she is a lovely women that I had the fortune to meet in LA last year whilst attending one of Rachel's B&N gig's. So get well soon Sue.
On a completely different note, far less important, I really miss ITA, and when I found out from Rachel that the show was ending, back at the begining of June, I was very upset, I thought it was my fault, but these things happen and I must move on.
My newest song GREENHOUSE is complete, and I hope to record it soon.
I have a gig on the 1st August in Clapham, please check out my myspace for detail's, or the ITA site. There are a few things in the pipe line and I shall do my best to keep you informed.
My life has been very busy lately, Rene and I have bought a new house, and I am renovating our flat at the moment. I am not a builder but have grown up surrounded by them, my father can do absolutely everything, my brother is a great carpenter and all round clever fella, uncle's were electricians, friends are brick layers and so on. I come from a working class family, so it was hard for them to understand my career choice of artist and writer. Although, having my family and friends has helped a great deal.
All is fine in my world, sorry again for the slack blogging, I'm constantly checking my pages, but have felt quite remote, I hope you can understand. Hope to see some of you guy's at the gig, and I'm sure I'll feel the rest of you, thank's for all your support. Once again, my heart goes out to Sue, brave girl, be strong.
Hope all you bloggers are ok, take care.