Monday, November 27, 2006


It was a long drive to Atlantic city, and my phone was playing up, eventually I got a signal and was able to talk to my Rene. It is a huge casino complex built on a delta. The day of the show, I went for a long walk beside the water, it was beautiful, the show was the smallest venue the Who have played, and there was no side of stage, so I watched the show from out front, it annoyed me that lots of people were talking during the show.
We got back on the bus and travelled to Phili, which wasn't that far, I could see the city in the distance from the gig, its very pretty. The show was excellent, and I met a few bloggers there. Then back on the bus and up the road to Hershey, a town built around a chocolate factory, it seemed quite a strange place to me, but then I come from Essex I suppose. I was quite expecting to bump into Willy Wonker. The show here is tonight, I'm in the bus, in the car park.
The phone at home is playing up, so me and Rene are having problems talking at the moment, its a nightmare, and I'm feeling very lonely, the time away is starting to really get to me. I am looking forward to the gigs in NYC and Chigago, but its hard to stay up beat, and theres still more than two weeks until I see my darlin again. I know how lucky I am, to be following the Who around America, and sharing a stage with legendary performers, so I appologize for my self pity.
Thankyou to everyone giving me great shouts here on this blog, it does make me feel better, your all lovely. Hope to meet loads of you at Joe's, don't quite know what to play, so any idea's, please let me know. Once again, thanks everyone, take care and give me a shout [GMaS]...

Thursday, November 23, 2006


Fistly, thanks everyone that has given me a shout on this blog, I really appreciate all the encouragement and well wishes. I check my blog as often as I can, so please give me a shout. Thanks also to all the people who have bought my CD Invisible, I hope that you are enjoying it, please tell your friends and family, and anyone that maybe able to spread the word.
So, from Dallas to Houston, where I bought Rene some cowboy boots and hat, and watched The Pretenders and The Who perform from the side of stage, it was incredible, I love The Pretenders, but The Who were just god-like, I was really rocking out, what a night. Then from Houston we flew to Fort Lauderdale, and the next day performed a ITA from backstage at the Who gig there, it was a strange but great show, I played White Stripes and We Will Fix It, Pete, Rachel and Simon all played beautifully, and we spoke about science, art, plumbers and drummers, bogs and blogs. As usual the show zipped by in a flash, I really hope that you get to see it some time.
Then back on the bus, driving through the night to Atlanta. Apparently home to the worlds biggest aquarium, but on the day I wanted to go, it was the first year anniversary and tickets had to have been bought in advance, so I couldn't go, oh well. Back on the road tonight, but quite honestly I don't know where to. I'm looking forward to the gig at Joe's pub, and meeting you guy's and girls that are going.
Apart from that, all I can say is that I have been writing and drawing, taking loads of pictures and most of all, missing my Rene intensely, we talk on the phone often and text each other regularly, but I've still got three weeks left, I am enjoying my time in America, but well, I sure you understand what I'm talking about here.
As ever, thanks for all the support, take care and please do GMaS...

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Arrived in a cold snowy Denver this morning, after a superb ITA and glorious WHO show last night in Salt Lake City. I also got the chance to meet some lovely bloggers, which is always a pleasure, and loads of WHO fans as well. The ITA show was great, with Rachel singing and playing beautiully, Simon delivering an amazing performance, and Pete performing with his usual brilliance. I played Matches and Misery with Rachel, which I was very happy with.
I was overjoyed to receive some photo's from home, e-mailed to me by my Rene. It made me very happy, but also sad, as I miss home, but I am enjoying 'life on the road', and life on the bus. America is so huge, it's hard to comprehend, but day by day I am getting it.
Missing my Rene everyday, as well as my family and friends, hope everyone is doing good out there, thankyou very much for all the great shouts I get on this blog, I'm quite proud of my blogging, thanks to everyone that supports me, take care all, and as usual, please GMaS...

Saturday, November 11, 2006


Las Vegas was great, I got to meet some great people, including Martin, the drummer from The Pretenders, he is a lovely fella. We drove through the night and arrived in Palm Springs this morning, I've been working on some new music today on the bus and will keep you all informed.
Still missing my Rene everyday, it just doesn't get any easier, but as the days go by, I realise that I'll be home sooner and sooner. It's really great meeting all you bloggers and fans, thankyou for all the great shouts I'm getting on this blog, they are truly appreciated. It was also a great honour to have been praised by Pete, it was a truly awesome gig at the Hotel Cafe, with everyone performing brilliantly, I am a very lucky man.
Hopefully Rene will be updating my Indonesian blog, that's if she has time, but she is a very busy girl, as well as brilliant and beautiful.
Hoping everyone is great, thankyou so much, take care all and please do GMaS...
Hope to blog again soon.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Hey there everyone, I'm here in LA and having a great time. I'm really missing my Rene though, we get to talk on the phone nearly everyday, but the time difference is crazy. Last night I was lucky enough to go to the Hollywood bowl, it was an amazing show with the Rose Hill Drive guys opening with a terrific set, and then the mighty Who delivered a monster of a show. It was great hanging backstage, and meeting some bloggers, I had a great night, and what an amazing venue, I've got some great pictures which I will post when I get home.
I also got to meet loads of great bloggers at the Barnes and Noble gig that Rachel did in LA, its great to meet people that I have spoken to on the blog for the last year, thankyou very much to all those people, it was great to see you.
Sorry to all those that I didn't get to see, and I hope to meet you some other time.
I'm using Andy's computer in the hotel that we are staying, as promised, I'll try and blog as often as possible on this tour, but I haven't got my own computer.
Tomorrow is the first Attic Jam of the tour, at the Hotel Cafe. I'm really looking forward to the show, and hope that I'll get to meet loads more bloggers and fans. I'm opening the show with a few songs, probably Plasticine, You and Misery, it should be good. For all those of you who can't be there, you will be able to watch the show on
Thankyou everyone for all the great shouts here, take care you lot, and as always GMaS.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Just a short blog about Chicago, only because I haven't got long before I have to leave for LA. I love all the great shout's on my blog here, and hope to meet loads of you along the road. Now, you may also remember that my blogging record whilst touring is pretty bad, and I'm afraid I cannot at this time garantee a better service, but I will try.
Chicago was great, met loads of lovely people, watched a great Who show, walked by the lake side, took in some sights, performed a great ITA Live show at the House of Blues, and just had a brilliant time.
Maybe I abbreviated more than I needed there, oh well, I know that I should have done this the other day, but I'm a slack blogger, I've been a slack blogger for over a year now.
Anyway, I've got to leave soon, and I'm really going to miss my Rene, unfortunately Rene won't be comming over with me this time, and I will really miss my Rene, everyday.
So take care of my Rene, see you soon, and please give me a shout.
Take care