Wednesday, August 08, 2007

The Gig.

The gig last week went really well, many thanks to all who attended and all who wished me well. I played four songs, starting with Plasticine, then Tourist, Misery and then Greenhouse, my new one. They all went down really well, and Rene said that she really enjoyed Greenhouse, it's hard playing new stuff, although I really enjoyed performing it. Friends and family attended, but me and Rene left shortly after my slot. There were three other acts performing, which I heard briefly during the sound check, and all sounded brilliant, but it was already late and we were both tired. Many thanks to Mark T, who took this picture.
Thankyou to everyone who wished me a happy birthday, I am 35. I spent my birthday on Southend pier fishing, Rene came too, and we had a lovely packed lunch of whole lobsters and potato salad, washed down with a flask of tea, it was the best, I caught a few fish as well. I got loads of lovely presents and bought myself a guitar, it's a sixties Yamaha G-180 A, if that mean's anything to anyone, I'd love to get some feedback from the great blogger knowledge out there. It has a pick up already fitted, and sounds lovely, I decided to use it for the gig, because it's so much lighter than my JS 200, and the perfect sound for Greenhouse.
I am realing the new Harry Potter book at the moment, and think it's great, but then I'm a fan, apart from that, I am still doing the renovation work on the flat which is coming along nicely, visiting my lovely nephew Jed, who is amazing, and genarally being busy. Well, it doesn't seem right to end without a , Give me a Shout, so...