Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Since the Brighton gig, I'd spent the week relaxing and working on new music, catching up with my family and spending time with my Rene. The weather was fine, and I had a lovely week. I really appreciated all the great shout's I got on the last blog, thankyou everyone, I'm glad your enjoying it.
On Sunday, I awoke very early for me, got my thing's ready and Rene gave me a lift to the train station. This time I wasn't travelling with the band, because IN THE ATTIC was going on-WIRE much earlier and the show was running for two hours because of all the great guest's we were having on. So, at 11am I caught a train to London, then caught another train from London to Leed's, which got me there at 3:45pm, and from there I jumped into a taxi with a couple going to the festival, the couple in the taxi were big EEL'S fans.
I arrived at the gig at some time after 4pm, I was given an artist's wrist-band, and went staight to the motorhome for a long anticipated cup of tea. Everyone was really excited, the show began, and kicked off with THE FLAMMING LIPS, who were incredible, they done a version of CAN'T EXPLAIN by THE WHO, it was suberb, and we are had a great laugh. Then ROSE HILL DRIVE came on and performed, I really enjoyed there performance, and they were a really lovely bunch of fella's, I look forward to them coming back on the show. Last but by no mean's least was E from the EELS, he was super cool in his flying jacket and goggles.
I played YOU with Rachel, and I thought it sounded cool, Pete was his usual brilliant self, but I missed Simon. The show flashed by, it really seem's to get quicker and quicker. We left the magic bus and I watched THE FLAMMING LIPS perform from the side of the stage, they were superb, and then watched THE WHO perform from the rear of stage right, I got some cool photo's.
It was a shame that I missed the Canadian Grand Prix, and the England game, but I wouldn't want it any other way. After THE WHO came off stage, I jumped in the bus with them, and flew back to London in the private plane. I had had an amazing day, but was very tired. I hope everyone got to enjoy the show, let me know what you thought, I hope everyone is doing good and feeling fine, take care all and GMaS...

Thursday, June 22, 2006


So it begin's, just like a dream or fantasy, my very first tour, and it's a world tour with In The Attic and the Who. It has finally dawned on me, exactly how lucky I am, it's behond luck, it's heaven. The test at Bray went really well, but the first gig was at Leeds. At the same historic location of the 'Live at Leeds' Who album.
Rene gave me a lift to the airport, where I met up with the band(the who) and got on the private plane that took us up to Leed's, I've never flown on a private jet before, and rest assured, it's pretty darn cool. I sat and chatted to Rabbit, he has got some amazing stories and is a really lovely bloke, I'd worked with him a few year's ago, and can only hope to work with him again one day. We landed at Leed's and got in a plush van thing, and went staight to the gig.
The airstream(Magic bus) looked amazing with the cartoon's of us all on the side, everything set in place for a great show. I played 'A Better me', and was pleased to see Gary put it up on Attic Radio, cheer's Gaz. Rachel played and sung beautifully, Pete and Si were there usual brilliant selves and it was an absolute honer to meet Sir Peter Blake.
I was also really pleased to meet the radio one DJ Andy Kershaw, he came on the show, and later I gave him a copy of my new EP, let's hope he like's it and play's it. I watched the Who perform from the side of the stage by the door's, it was really hot in there, but sounded amazing. After the gig, we flew back, a driver took me home from the airport, and I was back home. It felt very stange, like it had been a dream.
Next morning, straight up and headed off to Brighton for the next gig, Rene drove down there, but we hit the most terrible traffic going in to Brighton centre, I left Rene in the car to find a parking place, and went on foot to find the venue. The reason for the traffic was that there was a charity bicycle race that day, and it had frozen up all the traffic. Anyway, it was a horrible journey, but all ended well, when I got to the venue in good time, Rene arrived safe and sound a while later but got to watch the show outside the bus with load's of other people.
The show went really well, I performed Torture with Rachel on the piano, it really add's another layer. It was nice to see that Gary had put that on Attic Radio, but there seem's to be a glitch, it's a real shame, because it sound's slightly out of time now, but you still get the idea, unless that is, if Gaz has changed it already, please do Gary, if it's possible.
I was very happy to play the guitar for Rachel, as she sang Pretty Heart, which was one of the first song's that we used to play originally in the attic many year's ago. Chris Difford, Mel and Dori came on the show and were outstanding, I love that music, they are great, and I gave Chris a CD. The very funny and famous Tracy Almond was on the show, being very funny, and signing the board, she had a number one in the UK penned by the beautiful Kirsty Mcall, I think I've spelt her name wrong, I'm sorry. Pete played a great song on the Yuke, which was amazing. Si came in and gave us a song, then went on and played with the Casbah Club, and then again with the Who, he is awsome.
Me and Rene watched what we could of the Who perform from round the side, with Mark and Bruce and Bruce from the Casbah Club, it would be great to see them IN THE ATTIC someday.
It was also really great to see Mark and Jill and Delbut, I hope they all had a brilliant time. Me and Rene headed back home slightly before the Who finished, hoping to beat the rush, we seemed to do it, and got back home safe and sound. It has been super cool, now I'm looking forward to Leeds, the next one's not at the university, but is at a festival. Hope you like the shot's, take care all and give me a shout.

Thursday, June 15, 2006


I don't know if anyone will see this blog, as I can't seem to look at it myself, I white page appears.
Has my blog been lost, I hope not, just technical thing. I don't know what I would do without my blog, well it might make me finish my Indonesian blog, which I have really slacked off on, so this is probably Karma.
The first one the road live show went really well I thought, full of great music and laughter, and it was great to be able to see the Who rehearse, there was a huge team of people involved, in this huge film studio out in the country, it was really cool.
This is also probably because I didn't do my shout's this week, I did genuinely forget, and I'm sorry, now can I have my blog back please.
Anyway, I hope everyone is good and enjoyed the show, Foy was superb, although so was Si, and as ever Rachel and Pete, and it was really cool meeting Paul King, 'that's what my heart, yearn's for now, love and pride'. The airstream or magic bus is brilliant, and I'm totally excited about the tour, as I'm sure you all are. Take care all, hope, GMaS...

Friday, June 09, 2006


I would like to start this blog by saying that I completely empathise with the people having problem's with lost comment's, I really appreciate you taking the time, and writing it again, I know how hard it is. I know that I am a pretty slack blogger, but the other day I sat down and done a blog, where I explained what a lovely weekend I had had with Rene and my Father in the country, how the builder's had returned, and all of a sudden are working at a terrific pace, so the end's in sight... But when I posted, it was lost, and I know people will say that I should write it in word first or something else, but I didn't, and I lost the blog. I turned away from the computer in disgust, how funny.
But now I have returned, verve restored. I've spent the last couple of day's soaking up the sun on the beach, and working on some music, I have a new song in the pipeline, but it's early days.
The tour grow's closer and closer, I'm really looking forward to the show on tuesday, it's going to be amazing, my EP is nearly ready, I'm totally excited, I hope people buy it and like it more importantly.
I've posted a picture that I took whilst up at my Mum's boat, it's of canal lock's door's, I thought they looked good.
Thankyou to everyone posting on the last blog, I love reading them, I hope everyone is well and happy, take care you lot and GMaS.