Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Sunday Lunch.

Sunday lunch with Rene's folk's was great, then the evening spent with my family was great as well. Monday morning was a welcome suprise, as because of the horrible weather, the builder's didn't show up for work, which meant an extra day of peace, and a chance to work on my new song. At 5pm, Indy turned up for his guitar lesson, he had been ill with the flu last week, but because of this, he hadn't practiced at all, but we had a great lesson, and by the end of the lesson, he was making huge leap's in his ability.
Building has begun again today, but it's not so bad. I'm really looking forward to the show tomorrow, I'm hoping to see the animation thingy, also I'm really sorry to Mark T, who I completely forgot to mention your birthday, even after forgeting the previous week, sorry mate. Thankyou everyone for the shout's, let me know if you want a shout on the show, and what song's would you particularly like me to play this week, if indeed there are any of my song's you would like to hear, I think I'm becoming far too humble here, let me know what I should play, I could also use some useless fact's, couldn't we all.
I've posted up a picture of mine, taken from an old sketch book, the drawing was inspired by a dream I had, well it was actually a nightmare really, I was being chased by some demon thingy, and running so fast that I was smashing through dimension's in time, and the skin was being burnt off my face as I ran faster and faster. Weird dream huh? Anywho, I like the image, tell me what you think? I hope everyone's doing good, take care all, and of course, GMaS.


Sunday, March 26, 2006


So, Happy Mother's Day all you mother's out there, I hope you all have a great day. Rene's cooking a special lunch for her Mum, I'll stay and eat with Rene and her parent's and then go over to brother Shaun's later, where my Mum will be.
I've been working on a new song just lately, well actually I started it just after returning from my mum's new boat, last sunday. It's about my mum and her boat, and the way I'm feeling I suppose, it's a bit more folky. Rene say's that's it sound's really beautiful, but Rene alway's know's the right thing to say.
Last night, we watched some film's and had some chinese food, it was lovely. But the whole day was precious because of the quiet, no builder's. Sunday morning was lovely as well, until Rene realised that the clock's here have gone back an hour, I think we are the only country in the world that does it, it just confuses everybody, so she had to speed up cooking.
Anyway, I'm just about to eat now, so, have a great day everyone, and take care, also GMaS.


Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Thankyou for all the great shout's, you are all brilliant. It's been another very noisey morning, but I'm becoming a little more accustomed to it. I'm really looking forward to tonight's show, although I still haven't decided on my useless fact, maybe I could get some blog help here.
I've chosen the song's I'll play on tonight's IN THE ATTIC, I hope to play a song I wrote many year's ago called 'Love & War' and also, a song I wrote many, many year's ago called 'Misery(need's a friend)', I hope you can all tune in, and get a great feed. Let me know what you think of the song's?
Once again, thankyou everybody, take care, enjoy the show, and GMaS.


Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Hey everyone, I'm really sorry that I've worried you, there is nothing to worry about I assure you. My song's on IAC and MYSPACE have come down, but they will be replaced shortly. Thankyou everyone for caring about me so much, it make's me feel very special, I am extremely touched by all your comments, thankyou again.
So, I haven't blogged in age's, I loved the show last week, but because I stayed in a hotel that evening, and returned home the next day, I didn't get to see the show on loop, which was a shame. The train's were running very late and it took me a while longer than usual to get home. Once home, I was greeted by the constant noise of the builder's, banging and scraping, it is horrible, it has made working almost completely impossible.
Then the weekend came, it was beautiful to be greeted in the morning by quiet, I watched the qualifying for the Malaysian grand prix, which was fantastic, and then done some job's, also started on a new song, still early day's. Saturday night, we had some gorgeous Indian take away, and watched a film. Sunday, I got up very early to watch the F1 Malaysian race live, it was spectacular, but once it finished, we left to help my Mum move onto her boat. The day was then spent moving her stuff, from my sister's to her boat. Her boat is beautiful, and situated in a lovely area, the sun shone very brightly and I even took my top off for a while, we all had a lovely day, Jed was on top form as usual, Veronique, my neice and her boyfriend John helped as well as brother Shaun and Lisa and me and Rene. We left quite late in the evening, both me and Shaun were worried leaving her, my Mum is very strong, but it just felt horrible. I am still a bit worried really. We got home quite late, and Rene had to be up early for work.
Yesterday, I searched through my Demo's trying to pick 5 track's, which will be made into an EP that will be sold on the Who merchandise counter during the show's I think, it's great news, and this is really my reason for removing the song's from IAC and MYSPACE, although the Myspace still remain's, although with no music there, the music shall return, but not maybe the same song's. Then at 5pm, I removed my headphone's and waited for Indy to arrive for his weekly guitar lesson. He never appeared, so I hope he's alright, I really missed our couple of hour's together.
Today, has been very noisey again, I can't wait until it's finished.
I really glad that everyone enjoyed Bacteria, and Cover you up, that was one of the first song's that I wrote for Rene. Anyway, sorry again for not blogging, hope everyone is doing good, I'll post a picture from Sunday on my Mum's new houseboat, and yes, that is her new home, take care everyone and GMaS.


Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Hey everyone, thankyou for all the great shout's here, I really appreciate your positive feed back. I've been busy again, yesterday I recorded 'Bacteria', well the guitar part's and the vocal, I had worked on the drum track all of monday. I really like the track, but I'm a bit nervous again, about playing a song that I haven't played to anyone before. I will be playing 'Bacteria' this evening on IN THE ATTIC, and hope you all like it, it's a bit punky as I said before.
On monday evening, Indy, my nephew had his guitar lesson, which went really well, he is learning very fast indeed, and he get's really excited when he acheives something, it is inspiring to watch him.
I'm really looking forward to the show tonight, I hope that everyone gets a great feed, or catches the loop. I shall have my new song, and many useless fact's, I'm trying to think of another song to play, you could help me, let me know what you would like me to play?
The first F1 race of the season was amazing, the qualifing was exciting and the race was brilliant, I can't wait for next week, that will be Malaysia. Maybe I sound like a bit of a geek, but who cares eh?
So, I wondered what picture to post, and then I remembered this one, I think that I gave it a title, it is called ' The Time Wind ', and again, it is more of a doodle in an old song book, but I have alway's liked this one. Let me know what you think?
The scaffolding is still going up, it is very noisey and has cut out much of the light through the window's, but it look's quite cool, anyway, now I'm just rambling, hope everyone is doing good, hope you all enjoy the show tonight, thankyou to everyone who have said that they would promote me in there local area, you are star's.
Just a few more thing's, please, please, please go and put your name down on my fan map, there is a link on this blog, I check it daily, as well as my Myspace, thankyou everyone there. Also, great news, my songs on IAC are doing great, 'Plasticine' is up to 5 on the Alternative chart, and 'Feel my heat' and 'Tourist' are not far behind. Thankyou for playing these song's, please continue playing them.
Anyway, I think I've got it all, take care all, and of course, GMaS.


Saturday, March 11, 2006


Hey, sorry everyone, thankyou so much for all the beautiful shout's here, I've been busy with 'bacteria' and clearing the garden for the scaffolding that's being errected on monday here, for the building work. It's been snowing most off the day, but it didn't settle, and there was more to do than I anticipated. Also, it appears that I can still post image's, thank the lord, I've got so much more to show you all.
It has also been the first day of the 2006 F1, qualifying in Bahrain, race live tomorrow at 10:30am, there's been load's of rule changes, new driver's, new team's and I'm loving it all. I'm really looking forward to the race tomorrow.
I've posted a print of Southend pier after a fire had destroyed the bowling alley on the land end of the world famous site, just recently there has been another fire at the other end, there has been some talk of a charity event, at which I would offer my support. This print is almost identical to the one I gave Rachel for Christmas, and that appeared on the show last week on the 'picture behing the piano' part of In The Attic.
I hope everyone like's the print, thank's again for all the great comment's, sorry to Mark T and Happy Birthday mate, you shall get a belated shout this week mate, thanks all, so, I promise I won't leave it this long again, so take care and GMaS.


Monday, March 06, 2006


Hey everyone, thanks for the great post's, I've had a wonderful weekend, and got back to work today on the new song 'Bacteria', it's all going well, but I don't know if it will be ready for this week's show, hey, we'll see.
I visited my brother Shaun on the weekend, Jed is amazing as usual, he's really growing fast, he's actually the same weight as a baby twice his age, but he's not fat with it, and he is constantly smiling and laughing. I got some more word's for my song for Jed, that song is growing steadily.
It was Indy's third guitar lesson this evening, he's doing really well, but isn't practicing enough. It's great spending time with him though, he's really funny.
I don't seem to able to post a picture today, that's odd, oh well, I'll try again tomorrow.
About the gig thingy, I will be supporting the Casbah Club, if it's on the 7th, I'll have to check it with Simon, stay posted. I really enjoy doing them gig's, the audience's are brilliant.
So, hope this blog find's you all well, take care, can't wait for the next ITA on Wednesday, have you got any idea's about what song or song's I should play if I don't play my new one?


Friday, March 03, 2006

Back home now...

I had an excellent time on IN THE ATTIC the other night, thankyou everyone for tuning in, and I was really glad that you all liked my new tune 'We will fix it'. I'll work on my new punky tune 'Bacteria' this week, and see if I can get it finished for next week. It is such a pleasure and honour to sit and listen to Rachel, Pete and Simon, they all performed brilliantly.
I am very lucky, I've said it before and I'll probably say many times again.

It's snowing very lightly again here, winter just doesn't seem to want to lift, I can't wait for spring.
Anyway, this is just a short blog to say thanks for all the shout's, and I'm glad you all enjoyed it, hope you all have a great weekend.
I've posted up another drawing from an old songbook, this one's a bit more colourful, looks like felt tip pen's were used. Let me know what you think?

I'm going to get back to work on my new tune now, hope this find's you well, take care all and GMaS.