Friday, May 18, 2007


Hi bloggers, been back from France for a week now, me and Rene had a wonderful time, lovely food, fine weather and great fishing. As for the flood gates opening, well, I think I spoke to soon, because the gates have closed up again, but I did get a good portion of the words for my current song GREENHOUSE, but it's not finished yet, so I'm stilling working on it.
I haven't done anymore gig's yet, but I'm working on it, and I haven't seen my mate Lee since getting back from Normandy, but I'm sure we'll hook up soon and get back to work on that stuff.
Can't wait for the IN THE ATTIC'S to start up again, and I hope everyone's downloaded the first IN THE ATTIC in full from longliverock. org. Thanks Tom. I also hope everyone has downloaded the IN THE ATTIC ALBUM from itunes, which features tracks from all the attic gang and the coolest new bands and artists around. It's a great album, and I'm privelidged and honoured to feature on it. If your a Mikey fan and haven't already purchased my debut album, there's a link on this blog that takes you staight to it at Well, that was some pitch wasn't it.
Thankyou very much to everyone that supports me and IN THE ATTIC, you are very much appreciated.
So, thanks for all my great shout's here, take care all, I can't seem to post a picture for some unknown reason, anyway, thankyou again and of course, please, please, give me a shoout!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Hey bloggers, the weather has been lovely here for the last couple of weeks, and last friday, I performed at a small music club in Southend-on-sea. I only played two songs to around forty people, but they went well, and I think I gave a good showing of myself. I'm still working with my friend Lee on some stuff, but his father was taken ill last week, which has meant Lee has other things to do, but when we do get together, it sounds really good.
My mother hasn't been very well just lately either, she has an abcess, and the week before last, unfortunately her cat had to be put down. She rescued that cat just after it was born and left in her garden, before she had moved onto the boat. She is very upset, so me and the family are doing our best to keep her spirits up, I shall be going to see her tomorrow. Last weekend Rene and I went up to her boat for the weekend, I did a bit of fishing and caught a nice Bream, which was nice.
As for this weekend, me and Rene are driving down to Normandy in France, where we will be staying at a lovely campsite next to a lake, it's not the same as the last place, and it's a bit further to drive, but Rene assures me that she'll be fine.
I've also made some progress with my new song Greenhouse, which didn't have any solid words until today, but today the flood gates opened, much to my relief, as it's been many months without a word, so happy days. Also, I spoke to Rachel yesterday about the European upcoming In the Attic's, which are set to kick off in about a month, I can't wait, and it was really nice to chat with her.
Anyway, so that's what I've been up to, hope all of you lot are good, thankyou very much for all the lovely shout's here, take care all and GMaS...