Sunday, October 30, 2005

I feel bad.

I feel bad about slagging off my in-laws, there not as bad as I have painted, and everyone readily excepts me although I'm not a Roman Cathorlic. You heard the whining of an artist. I really enjoyed the ceromony and even took mass. That's a first, and probably the last, but everybody was really lovely and charming as usual. We even got the chance to see Rene's newphew's Thomas and Allistar. They are real great little kids. What I mean is, I'm very grateful to everybodies shouts, but I think I was being silly, as I quite often am, sorry.

Here's some pictures of Jed and me today, Shaun, Lisa and Jed came around today, my newest nephew is gorgeous as ever.
I'm feeling a little frog in my throat here, so I'll dose myself up with honey, it seem's to cure all my ills.
Thanks bloggers, GMAS.


Saturday, October 29, 2005

Rene's family.

Rene took a day off work yesterday, because she was really ill, I made her her favorite breakfast of poached egg on toast, with marmite on the toast. She has a terrible throat, and she sounds really funny. So yesterday I done nothing but looked after Rene.
Today's no easier, Rene's Mum and Dad are renewing there vow's I think. Their very religous, and I'm not, so its harder for me to understand some of there ways. So today is a big party around Rene's mums and dads house.
To be truthful, I only do these things to please Rene, and give her an easier life with her family. Don't get me wrong, they are very nice to me, ( although sometimes refer to me as 'heathen' ) I just don't really like gatherings with small talk.
Anyway, we've got to go, wish me luck. By the way, Rene's still ill, but putting a brave face on it.
The photo was taken yesterday evening, the sky was amazing, but the poloroid didn't really capture it, oh well.
Give me a shout, humans!


Thursday, October 27, 2005

Back home.

Hope everyone enjoyed the show last night, or this morning. Anyway, after the show, I went back to Pete's and watched the whole thing, Rachel and Bernard joined me but both went to bed before the end. I watched it all, and didn't get to sleep til very late. Because of this, I woke up very late, actually just before 2pm. Everyone was out when I awoke, so I just headed home, but the weather had changed dramatically from yesterday, and it was like a summers day. There I was, in my thermal top, cardigan and ski jacket. Not the best attire for the hot long journey.
Back at home, reminiscing about 'In the Attic', in pajamma's no less, everyone sounded great, Pete was so funny, he has a wealth of star studded hilarious stories at his disposal, I just love listening to them, and Rachel has always had the ability to make me laugh, even when I was lowest. I'm constantly saying it, but, I am very lucky. Can't wait til next weeks show, hope everyone can make it, back to normal time. Thanks for all your lovely comments, and if you want to, give me a shout.


Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Here's a photo of my oldest newphew Ryan and me, taken last christmas. Ryan lives in Blackpool, so I only get to see him every now and then, I was 13 when he was born, barely a teenager.
We have always been very close, and I miss him. Over a year ago, Ryan found out he had become a father, he asked me for some advice, but not being a father myself, I had little to offer. So I done what I know, and wrote him a song. In a way its like a football chant, I wanted to show him that he was not alone, and I would do all I could to help him and his new son Ethan.

I've decided to play this song tonight on ' In the Attic'. As well as another song I wrote for my brother Shaun, when he was contemplating dilema's of his own.
The show starts at midnight London time, and we'll be wearing pj's. Hope you can all make it tonight, hope you all get a great feed, please give me a shout.


Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Re-strung the 12 string.

Here's one of my first serious paintings, It was inspired by my teenage vanity, passport photo's on a table, and a photocopy of my face. I used to do loads of them and eventually got banned from the library at college for it.
I was only 16-17 at the time, good painting though.

Today started with bright sunshine, I decided to re-string my 12 string guitar, no small task. I also used the opportunity to give it a good clean and wd40 the nuts, I also tried to lower the action by sanding the little bone peice on the sound board, but I was scared of ruining it, and didn't go far enough, so its still quite high. It sounds beautiful, and very loud. Its an Epiphone, but no where near as nice as the one Pete has. I tend not to play it because its such hard work, but today I did.

I worked on my new song as well, I don't know whether its finished or has some way to go.
Really looking forward to the ' In the Attic' tomorrow, 'in our pj's', its going to be a late one. I'm thinking of playing a song I wrote for my nephew Ryan, when he found out he was going to be a father at the age of 19. I've recorded this one in the studio, but only me and a guitar, and it stands up. The other song I thought I could play is ' My brother Shaun ', anyone who has kept up with my blog, has probably heard about this song. I have recorded this one, with Bob Pridden producing, Pino Pallerdino on bass, Gary Granger on guitar, John Rabbit on Hamond and piano and Zak Starky on the drums. How lucky I know I am, to have such amazing players helping me, Bob was brilliant. I have been very lucky, and still am. Hope you all get a good constant feed tomorrow, let me know what you think, and maybe even give me a shout.


Monday, October 24, 2005

My Indonesian Journal 1991, has begun

For those of you who were interested, I have begun my Indoenesian journal today. As I said before, it starts on 24th October 1991 so today, 14 years to the day, my new blog begins.

Here is the link:

It is also in my 'Links' on the left, if you want to check it out.
It would be great to hear what you think, give me a shout!


Grotty weather here.

The weather is really grotty here, wind and rain throughout the day, so I'll post this picture of sunnier days, camping in France earlier this year.

Getting ready for the new blog, you shall see it, this very day.
Going to work on a song that I wrote in France today as well, there's still a little to write, and then I'll demo it on my home studio, although I'll have to use number 2 guitar as the number 1, is still up at the studio after last weeks show, I was so tired that I couldn't face carrying it home.
Looking forward to 'In the Attic', pj special, should be a good one. I haven't done any films this week, I've really let it slip, and with the weather outside, it doesn't look like I'll be making any soon. I suppose I could show an old film, in fact the first film Brendan done for me, we'll see, it was called 'Blue skies', and was basically a film of me walking on the mud flats of the Thames estuary, outside my old flat. Obviously when the tide was out of course. The song was never recorded in the studio, so the sound quality is knowhere near as good as the others you have heard. Its a toughey. Let me know what you think, give me a shout?


Lazy Sunday Afternoon...

Here's a picture Cat Stevens took, it was a freezing day in early febuary, and she had to keep asking me to lower my shoulders and stop shivering. The colours are great though, this is actually Rene's screensaver.

I'm getting ready to post my new blog tomorrow, although it is technically tomorrow now, just seen the clock. Well, we'll stick with that, as is.
Had a great day, watched loads of films( Sin City, Robots ), and played with my x-box because I bought some new games on saturday night.
Basically a very relaxed sunday. Can't wait to start my new blog, got a great responce from all you bloggers, thankyou everyone, I hope you all like it.
So this is a short and sweet blog, give me a shout.


Sunday, October 23, 2005

Another Blog!

I've seen Rachel's new blog about quitting smoking, and in a coment on my blog, she asked if I wanted to join her.

Sorry Rachel, not this time, you must walk this path alone. Although I will regularly check up on your condition through your new blog.

This leads me on to the point of my blog here, I am going to start another blog. Just recently, I mentioned in passing that I had spent some time in Indonesia, and to my surprise, Karel blogged me on the matter. Karel is from Indonesia but now living in the US. Since this happened, I have been thinking of publishing my diary/journal of that time. Its very funny in places, and I think its well worth a look.

I started out on my journey to Indonesia, on the 24/10/1991. The coincedence that this is only two days away, cannot be ignored. So, some fourteen years later to the day, the journey will be re-lived day by day on my new blog. I've always wanted to publish my journal of that time, so I'll do it here, well, actually on the other blog, which I'll put a link to.

I was only 19 when I went travelling, and it was on my return that I started playing a guitar seriously. The things that happened to me then, changed my outlook on life.

I hope this doesn't sound like a terrible idea, I will maintain my current blog to it's high standard, so, let me know what you think bloggers. If you like the idea, give me a shout.


Friday, October 21, 2005

The Face of an Angel.

Here's a picture of my newest nephew, Jed Michael Cuthbert. What can I say, apart from, he's the best looking baby that I have ever seen in all my years.
I'm sitting here with my brother Shaun, while he waits to go back to the hospital, I've shown him your beautiful comments, and he wants to say thankyou to everyone out there.
Both mother and baby are doing well, and brother Shaun can't get the beaming smile off his face. Well done Shauny, and Lisa, and especially the star of the show here, Jed.
Shaun say's it's the best birthday present he has ever had.
Thanks for all your support people, thanks for the shouts.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

It's a boy...

Well done brother Shaun, and Lisa, and congratulations on the birth of there son, Jed at 2 o'clock today, and today is my brothers birthday, and Rene's sister too. Everyone's releived and excited, I'm over the moon.
Everything seems to have worked out perfectly, as it should.
The Bedford gig;
What a night, I was first on, but was introduced beautifully by Rachel, played my songs good, and sung ok, and then could sit down and enjoy the whole show with Rene and brother Shaun. Simon sang a song with me, and it really made it. Everyone performed amazingly, the show was a complete success. Thanks to everyone who came, and everyone that wanted too.
Rene managed to get some photo's on our rubbish little camera.
I am such a lucky boy. Thanks everyone. Give me a shout.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

A quick one.

Hi all, just a quick blog here, I stayed at Pete's and Rachel's last night, and am blogging from Rachel's computer. Pete has a gorgeous house, I'm inspired every time I visit, and I am made to feel very comfatable.
Had a good rehersal yesterday, everything went well except for the song called 'You', that me and Rachel performed on ' In the attic ', which I kept having problems remembering the guitar part, which I wrote many years ago. It is so weird how a song disapears from your mind. So were not playing that one anymore, I'm playing 'Plastercine','Tourist', 'Misery'(with Simon T) and 'A better me'.
I hope my set goes well, I'm a bit nervous, but that's a good thing, it puts me in the right place mentally. i hope everyone gets in ok, and has a brilliant night.
Looking forward to the ' In the attic ' show on wednesday, hope you can all make it, either live or looped.
Thanks for all my comments, i haven't replied yet, but will in time. Just for Kevin, keep on truckin'.
Give me a shout.

Monday, October 17, 2005

On location at brother Shauns...

Here's a painting that I done at the age of 2o, after returning from Indoneasia. Where I had been travelling and teaching English. The fabric I used to work with, is green velvet, my parents old curtains actually, its half paint, and half chalk. Its a picture of a Indoneasian forest spirit, or my idea of one. My brother bought it off me when I needed money to pay the bills, he has quite a collection.

I watched the grand prix today, the last one this season. I will miss it, and look forward to next years V8's.
Today, me and Rene went round to brother Shaun's house, and I recorded a movie of me singing a song I wrote in the New forest, called 'white stripes'. I thought it would be a great idea, just to have me playing and singing in the places that I love to hear the music, along with natures soundtrack playing along with me.
So the first film was shot in my brothers garden, in front of his lovely pond, you can see and hear the reeds swaying in the breeze, the sun was shining, and I hope you like the idea. Let me know?
I'm going up to the studio tomorrow to reherse for the 'Bedford Arms' gig, then the show, the next day, and then 'In the Attic' on wednesday. My lifes never been this interesting before, thanks all, give me a shout.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Thanks Bloggers...

I got very confused whilst reading my comments on my 'Help me blogger's' post. It was pointed out to me how lucky I am to have such an army of loyal and talented helpers, and I totally agree, and to all of you, thankyou very much.
It did leave me asking more questions, so they shall have to be asked, and answered.

I've just watched the qualifing for the Formula One race in China, and will set my alarm for the race live at 6am tomorrow, I prefere watching the race live. Its the last race of the season, and the last time the cars will use V10 engines, they are changing them to V8 to try and slow them down. So, I'm really looking forward to it.

On a darker note, Brendan, Rene's brother( who was helping me do my DVD's ) has told me that he can't help as much as he has been doing, because of other commitments. This will slow down my production a little, but he has very kindly lent me his camera, and I do have some editing equipment on my laptop. So, the films will continue, at what standard, we will have to wait and see.
The photo is a recent sunset I caught on the beach, I took several pictures that evening just minutes apart, but looking back on them, they look like different places, they are all so different. I'll post the others up some time. Thanks again for everyone's help.
Give me a shout,

Friday, October 14, 2005


I'm trying to find out how to post MP3's onto my site, Rene and I have looked through the blogger help, but no luck as yet. Can anyone blog back with 'how to' steps for me, as simple as possible please?

It would be great to get some of my tracks posted up for you all. Thanks again

White Stripes...

Here I am, playing my spanish guitar in the New forest whilst camping. Its a really cheap guitar, but then I don't worry about it getting broken or wet.
Me and Rene nearly always go there on my birthday, we both really love it there and I've written a few songs there.
One that I remember well, is a song called 'White stripes', Simon Townshend produced and played on it, Mark Brzezicki played drums and percussion, and Matt Pegg played bass on it. It is such an honor to work with such amazing brilliant musicans.
I want to make a film to go with it. But I need Brendans help to make it, he's very clever. Now about the song;
Although I love the band, 'The White Stripes', and we were listening to them on our way down to the forest in the car, the song describes the lines on the road, in its title.
For me, it's a song about the time. I hope to get the film completed soon for you to see on 'In the Attic', I'm very proud of this song.
I'm really excited about the gig on tuesday, at the Bedford Arms with Rachel and Pete, and Foy. I'll tell you all about it in another blog I suppose. Give me a shout.

Thursday, October 13, 2005


This is one of my favorite drawing/paintings, that I have ever done, I made this peice of artwork when I was still at college, when I was 19 years old, it looks even better in the flesh (no pun intended). I went to a butchers near where I lived and bought the pig head, then took it to college. I was a vegetarian from the age of 16 to 23, at which time the way animals were treated seemed to change and I felt it acceptable. Me and Rene only eat organic meat and vegatables where possible, which is nearly all the time.
I still care very much, that animals should never become products, they should be treated with respect and love.
The painting was made with paint and pigs blood, which came from the head, I'm not squeamish at all. I hope you like my 'pig head', I think it's beautiful and powerful and proud. After I finished the painting I burried the pig head, shared a little prayer, and shed a tear or two.
My brother Shaun loved this picture, and bought it from me some years later. Shaun's always been my greatest patron. Give me a shout. mikey

Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Really enjoyed the show last night, got the train home and watched the loop. It's really great to get such brilliant positive feedback, and to share a stage with such an amazing bunch of artists. We seemed to do alot more music yesterday. Glad to hear that the movie went well, and people like the music. There will be more to come.
Here's a picture taken by one of Rene's friends, we took Lucy to a local butterfly farm, its like a big heated conservatory, with big tropical plants and a huge fish pool. I love it in there, here you can see me (friend of the animals), just chatting to one of the butterflies. I really like this photo.

Monday, October 10, 2005


Today I got up really early, well for me anyway. Rene phoned and woke me up with the news that a portion of Southend pier had burnt down, so I opened my heavy eyes and turned the television on, waiting for a news report. Unbelievable, I thought, I was only up there on Friday with Brendan, doing the filming for 'Wanting'. The movie includes many scene's of the effected area, and is probably the last footage taken. I rushed out with my binoculars, and sat on the beach. There was still a little smoke rising, and all of the station end, the pub, the shop, the resturant and the amusement arcade had completely gone. Last night we heard helicopters flying around, but just thought they were on the tail of joyriders.
Here's some photo's of me and Rene on Southend pier last year. We've just watched the DVD of 'Wanting', with me on the pier footage. I've spent the day with Brendan editing the movie at his house. She loved it, and I hope you all do too.
It will be shown tomorrow, apart from that, I don't really know what else is happening. I haven't thought up my 'useless fact' yet, and I'm really tired. I got a headache at Brendan's, I think it was staring at a computer screen for too long. Brendan gave me a lift home, and Rene took care of me. My headaches much better, well actually it's completely gone.
Hope everyone gets a good feed for tomorrow, and enjoys the show, give me a shout. mikey

First rays to last light.

I done it, stayed awake and watched the race, it was incredible, the best race of the season, and still it was a battle keeping my eyes open nearing the end of the race, at eight in the morning. The sun was rising, and I went to bed. Only got a few hours sleep, and brother Shaun came over. We had some breakfast together, and Rene set off on a solo shopping mission, because I only slow her down.
Me and Shaun went over to beach with our fishing rods, and sat in the afternoon sun, trying to catch the elusive Southern scarlet herring. Sorry, that was a red herring.
But just before the sun set, I got a bite, and pulled in a beautiful little sea bass, he was too small for the pan, so I gave him a kiss and returned it to the water. But it made a perfect end to a simple day.
The sun sets on the estuary outside our house are truly spectacular, I frequently feel obliged to photograph them. I'll post more soon.
Looking forward to Tuesday's show, make sure you all catch it, ' In the Attic '. mikey

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Staying awake...

I took this picture, in the ' New forest ', on my birthday. We were camped behind the tree's, in the distance. I love it there, even when it pours down, like it did.
My parents used to take us camping here when we were children, all five of us. Rene and I rediscovered the place a few years back, and have been back every year since, sometimes twice, I've even written a song here, called 'White Stripes', after the road markings, not the band, although I really love the band.
I've been out with Shaun in the morning, and then went shopping with Rene, and bought a baby bath for Shaun. He showed me the nursery and all the things he's been getting for the baby. Which still hasn't shown its lovely face yet.
So I'm staying up through the night to watch the formula one Japanese grand prix, it's being repeated at a sensible hour, but I prefere to catch it live. So here I am, on the blog, trying to stay awake.
I should of posted a more exciting picture, this one's sending me to sleep. Must stay awake, only one hour to go, to high speed racing action. Give me a shout.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Southend Pier.

Here's a picture of me at my first exhibition, I was in my mid twenties at the time. The painting is a presentation of the charred twisted remains of Southend pier after a huge fire had destroyed the shore end.
Southend pier is the longest pleasure pier in the world, at one and a third miles long, and has been destroyed and rebuilt many times over since first being built over one hundred years ago. I used charcoal from the burnt wreckage of the pier, ground up to make black paint.
I went out today with Brendan (Rene's brother), to make a new film to go with some of my music for the show next week. We had a great time, and it was Brendan's first time down Southend pier, where we decided to shoot (listen to me, with the lingo), I bumped into loads of people I know, it was really weird, and although a little hazey, it was a beautiful day, one guy I knew was fishing, and gave me two mackeral for me and Rene's dinner tonight. I love fresh fish. What a day.

Thursday, October 06, 2005


Here's a picture of me and my brother shaun.

Had a great time with Rachel and Pete on Who TV last night, all the songs seemed to go well, except for forgetting the middle eight in ' Better Me ', which I seamlessly adlibbed. I hope!
And we nearly forgot my 'Bluebell Wood' dvd, but I'm really pleased it was played. Brendan, Rene's brother, is an avid film maker in the making,and does these films for me out of the goodness of his own heart.
The woods we filmed in are called 'Cotton Wood', my best friend and I would go camping there every weekend when we were young.
But it was my Dad who took me there the first time, I think. Well around April time, the woods fill with bluebells, the smell's and the colours are magical, the birds are in full song, and you feel the start of a new year's growth.
Rene came up to the studio after work, and caught the last hour of the show, not that I saw her much, but it was lovely to see her straight after. We all went out and got some food, then stayed up in London, and got a ridiculously early train home in the morning, through the morning rush hour traffic. It is cramped and horrible, I would hate to make that journey everyday.
By the way, I wrote answers and thanks where applicable, reading each of the comments twice, not to get anyone's name wrong. Finished and pressed 'publish', only to have them disapear again.
I won't let it phase me, but I'll answer and thankyou all tomorrow, until then, cheers all.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Tomorrow's Show...

First thing, anyone who read a blog I wrote a few days ago called 'My Recording Process', should know, I missed out some vital information. I may have sounded very clever, but you must know, it was Pete Townsend who designed, assembled and aquired the studio setup for me, it took him a week. I needed a fool-proof set up, cause I'm a fool.

Pete done all this for me because I hated recording on a computer, and the little four track with broken buttons. When I first got it, I was really scared of it, I remember I didn't produce a demo for ages, but the sound is incredible, Pete designed a system that makes me sound lovely, while being usable and logical. I am eternally grateful for all Pete has done for me, and feel very lucky to regard him as a friend.

The drawing here in my songbook, is of my number 2 guitar, the one I took camping in France. I got this guitar on my twenty-first birthday, and have wrote most of my songs with it. There's a song to go with this drawing, but I'm still working on it, so, no name or information yet, except, it made me cry when I wrote it. The colours come from the same two blackberries and ivy leaf. I love this drawing.

Looking forward to tomorrow's show on Who TV, hope you all get a good feed, give me a shout.


Monday, October 03, 2005

La, la, la, we'll sing about it...

Here's another drawing from my songbook, it's of Rene in the tent, the rain is hammering down outside. I'm sitting on our blow-up bed, writing a song about it, and then start drawing Rene. The colours were produced by some wild blackberries, an ivy leaf and some barbeque charcoal. I love it.
Rene was playing a game on her phone at the time.
I called the song, 'La, la, la, ( we'll sing about it )'. It's basically a song that describes the time, being trapped by an exterior force, wondering if it would ever let up, and then when it did, seeing an even greater, blacker cloud moving in, but knowing, that together, we could get through, in our little bubble. Then we'd sing about it, in this very song. It's the sound of heavy rain on a flimsey tent, thinking, were dry, but will we be ok. A positive affirmation that this time, will pass, and we'd look back on the time with fondness, that we survived!
And we did, of course. We've had some great time's in that tent, with I'm sure, more to come.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Brother Shaun...

Sunday morning, sun's streaming through the opened blinds. My brother Shaun arrives through the back gate. Rene's cooked a full english breakfast, enough for three, so we all sit and eat, Rene is a great cook, and I'm spoilt wrotten by her.
And how the conversation started, I don't know, but I started to tell Rene how my brother Shaun, broke my nose when I was 17, he's nearly four years older than me ( but annoyingly enough, usually people think he's the younger brother!) anyway, when telling the story, Shaun claimed that I had hit him in the nose first, and he was only retaliating.
Not true! Although, I admit we were fighting as only brothers can, we did have a gentlemans aggreement that our faces should stay unmarked( both very vain ). I would have never done such a thing...
Then I remembered another time where I had accompanied Shaun to his drum lesson, just after playing badminton, whilst walking home, we argued, and I smashed him in the face with my metal badminton racket, then ran, he chased, miles later he caught me and walked me home with both my arms up my back. I felt really bad about hitting him, and never told anyone.
We fought alot, and laughed alot, we still do, but although very different people, I cherish my brother Shaun.
Rene's friend Cat(photograper) came round and they both went for a walk along the beach. I sat with brother shaun, watched some TV, and just hung out most of the day. I'm very close to shauny, and he's expected his first child any day. I think he'll make a great dad.

I also wrote a song called 'My Brother Shaun', which I recorded, with Zak Starkey, Pino Paladino, Gary Granger and rabbit, recorded by Bob Pridden at 'the boathouse'. All arranged by Pete Townsend, I felt very lucky, and grateful.
Later that evening, Rene and I went to my mothers for sunday lunch, or dinner, we had lamb and yorkshire puddings, roast potatoes, etc. It was lovely, showed my mum our holiday photo's and headed home.

The picture is one that I drew in my songbook whilst craving inspiration some time ago. It's a view of my JS200 leaning against the keyboard in my studio. mikey

Saturday, October 01, 2005


First thing, yesterday morning, I blogged on to see if I had any comments from my previous blog (I love the things you write me), then I go across to Rene's blog, make some tea, then across to Rachel's, where I read her blogs, and the comments from the 'Who TV' show.
I then found the 'Torture' video thingy, I love it, I done quite well considering I only remembered the intro to the song, five minutes before we went on.
And because of my newly found love for this old song, that evening, after Rene went to bed, I went to my studio and dug out some early demo's. It turns out, that when I first wrote the song, the music and a lot of the words were different. Further investigation found an Indoneasian version, bit ambient ethnic vibe, and recordings of the song as is, played on the electric guitar at twice the speed.
Trust me, you got the best version, and with Rachel accompanying me on the piano, no less.
Just in case my acsent obscures any vocals, I'll write them out;


From the moment that I saw you, I knew that I really cared,
Swapping smiles and teasing tongues, in a world of love that we shared,
But you ran away, and now I live in torture,
Where the drum of pain, beats everyday, well I live in agony because you ain't here with me,
I live in torture.
But I knew it'd be a matter of time, before I got over you, found another to be mine,
And who know's, I could still be right, but that won't help me in my dreams tonight,
Cause even in my dreams, I live in torture.
( continues)......

It shows that I emersed myself in that pain, for the version of the song that we see today, must have been written years later, as it has gone through many changes and versions. Although to me, they have always been the same song, and always called 'Torture'.
People seem to relate to these darker songs, I wonder why?
Any idea's?

P.S, Rachel's goining to get the movie of the song for me to put on my blog site, that'll be cool!
Thanks for your comments.